martes, 13 de noviembre de 2007

FANTOMAS [Avant-garde Metal]

* Discografía

* Amenaza al Mundo

(1999 / Ipecac Recordings)

* The Director's Cut

(2001 / Ipecac Recordings)

* Millenium Monsterwork

(2002 / Ipecac Recordings)

* Delirium Cordia

(2004 / Ipecac Recordings)

* Suspended Animation

(2005 / Ipecac Recordings)


* Great Jewish Music: Marc Bolan

(1998 / Tzadik)

* Masada Anniversary Edition Vol. 3: The Unknown Masada
(2003 / Tzadik)


* An Experiment In Terror

PRO-CD (2001 / Ipecac & Shock)

* Fantômas/Melt Banana

Split 3" CD/5"LP (2005 / Unhip Records)


* Dan the Automator - Wanna Buy a Monkey?: A Mixtape Session

(2002 / Ultra)

* Fantômastique

(2005 )


* Diabolik Demos

(1998? / No Oficial)

* Versiones en directo

Fantômas Live Covers

* Fantômas - July 6, 2001; Austria, Live In Wiesen

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