lunes, 18 de febrero de 2008

YEARNING [Atmospheric / Doom Metal]

Pais: Finlandia , (Riihimäki)

Tiempo: 1996-Actualidad
Liricas Sobre: Melancolia
Discográfica: Holy Records
Web: MySpace.Com

Formación Actual:
Juhani Palomäki - Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboard (Colosseum)
Aki Kuusinen - Session Drums (SinKing, The Zombi)

Matti S. - Live Guitar
Jani Loikas - Live Bass (ex-Hin Onde, Medieval Art, Nocturnal Winds, Wyrd, Svartkraft, Azaghal (Fin))
Jouni Jormanainen - Live Keyboard (ex-Absent Silence, ex-Medieval Art, Frozen Stream)

Formed as Flegeton (Fin) in 1994.

2007 - Merging Into Landscapes

1.Prologue: Nascentes Morimur00:55
2.Kaleidoscopic Inscape08:29
3.Sphere of Disgust04:32
5.Datura Stramonium01:57
6.October Rain04:58
7.Lethean Waters03:25
8.Merging into Landscapes05:45
10.The Dying Morn06:32
11.Epilogue: Nemo Ante Mortem Beatus02:39
Total playing time46:31

2003 - Evershade

1.Nocturne02:07[view lyrics]
2.Statues Amidst a Frozen Sand of Time07:16[view lyrics]
3.Conditio Humana04:08[view lyrics]
4.Aureole04:51[view lyrics]
5.Evershade06:52[view lyrics]
6.Deathbearer06:39[view lyrics]
7.Contemplation06:45[view lyrics]
8.A Day When the World Started to Weep11:13[view lyrics]
Total playing time50:07

2001 - Frore Meadow Part 1 & Part 2

1.Bleak06:07[view lyrics]
2.Solitary05:07[view lyrics]
3.Autumn05:36[view lyrics]
4.The Fall02:34[view lyrics]
5.Years of Pain06:00
6.Forsaken02:02[view lyrics]
7.Frore Meadow02:23[view lyrics]
8.The Race02:32[view lyrics]
9.Elegy of Blood04:52[view lyrics]
10.In Strange Slowfooted Fever03:28[view lyrics]
Total playing time49:48

1999 - Plaintive Scenes

1.Naïveté05:24[view lyrics]
2.Unwritten04:56[view lyrics]
3.Grey04:56[view lyrics]
4.Soliloqui02:33[view lyrics]
5.Plaintive Scenes03:19[view lyrics]
6.Soliloqui II04:09[view lyrics]
7.Eyes of the Black Flame04:32[view lyrics]
Total playing time34:36

1.Remnants of the Only Delight07:09[view lyrics]
2.Bleeding for Sinful Crown06:35[view lyrics]
3.Flown Away06:02[view lyrics]
4.Haze of Despair05:32[view lyrics]
5.The Temple of Sagal05:33[view lyrics]
6.Release07:17[view lyrics]
7.In the Hands of Storm05:02[view lyrics]
8.Canticum16:49[view lyrics]
Total playing time59:59

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Anónimo dijo...

filete la discigrafia de yearning, es una buena poco reconocida banda, me costo mucho encontrar la disco...

vale viejo.

Anónimo dijo...

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