martes, 25 de marzo de 2008

SOILEN GREEN [Death/Grind/Sludge]

Pais: Estados Unidos , (New Orleans,Louisiana)

Liricas Sobre: Abusos,drogas,dolor y relaciones
Discografica: Metal Blade R.
Web: SoilenGreen.Net

Formacion Actual:
Tommy Buckley (Crowbar, ex-Graveyard Rodeo, Drip, Christ Inversion) - Drums
Scott Crochet - Bass
L. Ben Falgoust II - Vocals (Hangnail (US), Goatwhore, ex-Paralysis (US))
Brian Patton - Guitar (Eyehategod, Outlaw Order, Nuclear Crucifixion (US))

2008 - Inevitable Collapse in the Presence of Conviction

1.Mental Acupuncture04:08
2.Blessed In The Arms Of Servitude02:15
3.In The Same Breath03:59
6.Rock Paper Scissors03:13
7.Superstition Aimed At One's Skull04:00
8.For Lack Of Perfect Words03:45
9.When All Roads Lead To Rome03:39
10.All This Good Intention Wasted In The Wake Of Apathy04:32
11.A Pale Horse And The Story Of The End03:43
Total playing time41:25

2005 - Confrontation Part1 & Part2

1.Scarlet Sunrise01:03
2.Leaves Of Three03:28
3.A Scream Trapped Underwater05:02
4.Forgive & Regret02:10
5.12 oz. Prophet02:41
6.Southern Spirit Suite00:35
7.Pretty Smiles & Shattered Teeth04:39
8.Liquor & Cigarettes00:46
9.Theory Of Pride In Tragedy05:01
10.Fingernails On A Chalkboard03:27
11.Paper Cut00:58
12.They Lie To Hide The Truth04:42
13.Another Cheap Brand of Luck00:32
14.This Glass House Of Broken Words02:42
15.A Permanent Solution To A Temporary Problem02:00
Total playing time44:12

2001 - A Deleted Symphony For the Beaten Down

1.Hand Me Downs02:16
2.A Grown Man03:01
4.Afterthought of a Genius03:40
5.An Addict's Lover02:06
6.Later Days03:32
7.Clockwork of Innocence02:53
8.Daydreaming the Color of Blood03:00
9.Last One in the Noose03:29
10.She Cheated on You Twice03:43
Total playing time33:28

1998 - Sewn Mouth Secrets Part1 & Part2

1.It Was Just an Accident04:12
2.So Hatred03:48
3.Build Fear02:48
4.Looking Through Nails03:03
5.Breed in Weakness04:13
6.Cold-Steel Kill03:37
8.Her Unsober Ways04:03
9.Sewn Mouth Secrets05:24
10.Walk a Year In My Mind05:10
11.Gagged Whore04:23
12.Emptiness Found03:42
13.Sticks & Stones00:53
Total playing time45:48

1995 - Pussy Soul Part1 & Part2

1.Thirteen Days a Weak04:37
3.Falling from a 65 Story Building03:27
4.Lips a So of Blood04:03
5.The Wrong of Way03:55
7.Zebra Zombies03:04
8.Keep Crawling05:05
9.Twitch of an Eye04:09
10.Golfers Just Love Punishment05:02
11.Love None00:51
12.Branding of Thieves03:28
Total playing time47:22

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