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CONTROL DENIED [Technical Progressive Power Metal]

Pais: Estados Unidos , (Tampa,Florida)

Tiempo: 1995-1999
Liricas Sobre: Humanidad y sociedad
Discografica: Nuclear Blast
Web: EmptyWords.Org

Formación Actual:
Charles "Chuck" Schuldiner (R.I.P. - December 13th, 2001, brain stem cancer) - Guitars (Death, Mantas (US), Slaughter (Can), Voodoocult, Naphobia (Guest))
Tim Aymar - Vocals (Psycho Scream, Pharaoh, Triple X (US), Vicious Cycle)
Richard Christy - drums (Burning Inside, Rick Renstrom, ex-Acheron (US), Death, ex-Demons & Wizards, Iced Earth, Leash Law, Public Assassin, Tiwanaku, Syzygy (US), Bung Dizeez, guest for Crotchduster, Incantation, Monument of Bones)
Steve DiGiorgio - Bass (Testament, Scariot, Freak Neil Inc., Funeral (US), Quo Vadis (Can), Sebastian Bach & Friends, Artension, Death, Vintersorg, Suicide Shift, Autopsy, Dark Hall, Iced Earth, James Murphy, Sadus, Dragonlord)
Shannon Hamm - Guitars (Death, Talonzfury, Beyond Unknown, Metalstorm)

1999 - The Fragile Art of Existence

2.Breaking the Broken05:41
3.Expect the Unexpected07:18
4.What If...?04:30
5.When the Link Becomes Missing05:17
7.Cut Down04:50
8.The Fragile Art of Existence09:38
Total playing time50:49

1996 - Chuck Schuldiner Guitar (Demo*)

1.What If?04:29
2.A Moment Of Clarity04:22
3.Cut Down04:50
Total playing time13:41

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