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FINNTROLL [Humppa-influenced folk metal]

Pais: Finlandia , (Helsinki)

Tiempo: 1997-Actualidad
Liricas Sobre: Leyendas Finesas,Trolls y fantasia
Discográficas: Century Media Records/Spinefarm
Web: www.finntroll.net

Formación Actual:
Mathias "Vreth" Lillmåns - Vocals (2006-) (Carnaticum, Chthonian, Degenerate, Twilight Moon)
Mikael "Routa" Karlbom - Guitar (2003-) (The Mist and the Morning Dew, The Seventh Planet)
Samuli "Skrymer" Ponsimaa (aka Örmy) - Rhythm Guitar (1998-)
Sami "Tundra" Uusitalo - Bass (1998-) (Shape of Despair, The Mist and the Morning Dew)
Henri "Trollhorn" Sorvali - Keyboards (1998-) (ex-Ahti, ex-Barathrum, ex-Crypt (Fin), ex-Ensiferum, ex-Glittertind, Lakupaavi, Larharyhmä, Luokkasota, Moonsorrow, Terrorthrone, The Wicked, Thunderdogs, Woods of Belial)
Samu "Beast Dominator" Ruotsalainen - Drums (1998-) (ex-Barathrum, ex-Rapture (Fin), Shape of Despair)

Finntroll es un grupo de folk black metal procedente de Finlandia. Su estilo es bastante peculiar, pues combinan elementos de black metal con el estilo de polca finlandesa conocido como humppa. Aunque las raíces del grupo sean finlandesas, las letras están en sueco, pues éste "suena mucho a troll"[1] según Katla, el primer cantante de la banda, que tiene este idioma como lengua materna.

2007 - Ur Jordens Djup

2.Sång04:40[view lyrics]
3.Korpens Saga03:26[view lyrics]
4.Nedgång03:44[view lyrics]
5.Ur Djupet04:59[view lyrics]
6.Slagbröder04:31[view lyrics]
7.En Mäktig Här04:19[view lyrics]
8.Ormhäxan04:39[view lyrics]
9.Maktens Spira03:28[view lyrics]
10.Under Två Runor05:36[view lyrics]
Total playing time55:56

2004 - Nattfödd

1.Vindfärd / Människopesten05:36[view lyrics]
2.Eliytres03:46[view lyrics]
3.Fiskarens Fiende03:47[view lyrics]
4.Trollhammaren03:33[view lyrics]
5.Nattfödd04:51[view lyrics]
6.Ursvamp02:03[view lyrics]
7.Marknadsvisan02:00[view lyrics]
8.Det Iskalla Trollblodet03:54[view lyrics]
9.Grottans Barn04:37[view lyrics]
Total playing time36:30

2003 - Visor Om Slutet (Ep*)

1.Suohengen Sija02:58[view lyrics]
2.Asfågelns Död03:47[view lyrics]
3.Försvinn Du Som Lyser02:38[view lyrics]
4.Veripuu01:16[view lyrics]
5.Under Varje Rot Och Sten03:17[view lyrics]
6.När Allt Blir Is02:37[view lyrics]
7.Den Sista Runans Dans03:44[view lyrics]
8.Rov02:05[view lyrics]
9.Madon Laulu04:01[view lyrics]
10.Svart Djup03:57[view lyrics]
11.Avgrunden Öppnas02:20[view lyrics]
Total playing time32:41

2001 - Jaktens Tid

2.Födosagan05:03[view lyrics]
3.Slaget Vid Blodsälv03:17[view lyrics]
4.Skogens Hämnd04:06[view lyrics]
5.Jaktens Tid03:34[view lyrics]
6.Bakom Varje Fura02:15
7.Kitteldags02:05[view lyrics]
8.Krigsmjöd03:10[view lyrics]
9.Varg Timmen (Hedningarna cover)03:31[view lyrics]
10.Kyrkovisan01:22[view lyrics]
11.Den Hornkrönte Konungen (Rivfaders Tron)03:45[view lyrics]
12.Aldhissla06:28[view lyrics]
13.Tomhet Och Tystnad Härska04:35[view lyrics]
Total playing time45:20

1999 - Midnattens Widunder

2.Svartberg04:07[view lyrics]
3.RivFader04:09[view lyrics]
4.Vätteanda04:36[view lyrics]
5.Bastuvisan01:18[view lyrics]
6.Blodnatt05:12[view lyrics]
7.Midnattens Widunder04:40[view lyrics]
8.Segersång01:58[view lyrics]
9.Svampfest02:04[view lyrics]
Total playing time30:00

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