jueves, 26 de junio de 2008

CHAIN [Progressive Metal]

Pais: Estados Unidos , (Los Angeles,California)

Tiempo: 1994-Actualidad
Liricas Sobre: Libertad e instrumentales
Discografica: ProgRock R.
Web: Henningpauli.com

Formacion Actual:
Matt Cash - Vocal
Stephan Kernbach - Keyboards
Thorsten Hannig - Drums
Christian Becker - Bass
Henning Pauly - Guitar (Frameshift)

2004 - Chain.exe Part1 & Part2

1.Cities (Part 1)07:10
2.Cities (Part 2)04:46
3.Cities (Part 3)04:42
4.Cities (Part 4)06:07
5.Cities (Part 5)01:06
6.Cities (Part 6)04:54
7.Cities (Part 7)09:26
8.She Looks Like You04:52
9.Eama Hut09:51
10.Never Leave the past Behind10:18
11.Hot to Cold06:33
12.Last Chance to See10:12
Total playing time01:19:57

2003 - Reconstruct Part1 & Part 2

1.Earthscape I01:15
2.Before There Was05:00
3.First Life04:37
4.Earthscape II01:25
6.Earthscape III02:02
7.Incummunicado Prisoners Of Silence06:36
8.Missing Link04:52
9.Earthscape IV01:56
10.The Augmented Animal07:13
12.Earthscape V02:41
13.The Planet Is Fine06:03
15.Earthscape VI02:22
16.What There Will Be04:34
17.Earthscape VII04:48
Total playing time01:13:44

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