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Pais: Alemania , (Görlitz, Saxony)

Tiempo: 1997-Actualidad
Liricas Sobre: Muerte y gore
Discografica: Morbid R.
Web: Profanation.Net

Formación Actual:
Meatgrinder (Alex) - Guitar, Vocals
Baked Bones (Anton) - Bass (VZwoA, Nightblade)
Skullcrusher (Luxl) - Drums (Cunt Grinder)
Doctor Rot (Hippi) - Vocals (Cunt Grinder)
Christoph - Guitar

2007 - Lustful Screams of Torture

1.Uncurable Sickness (Intro)00:53
2.Hand of Doom02:56
3.Praise My Avantgardistic Cooking Art04:37
5.Adrenaline Rush04:03
6.Impalement Travel04:57
7.Seals of Massacre03:03
8.Worship Me04:38
9.Bed Sores (Embrionic Death cover)02:56
10.How To Use A Human Being05:12
Total playing time36:35

2005 - Dead Body Fuck

2.The Drowning Red03:00
3.Delicacies of Human Flesh03:08
4.Psychopathic Serenity04:48
5.Pounding Metal (Exciter cover)03:24
6.Dawning Day03:56
7.Choir of The Damned03:09
8.Feasting On Knights03:42
9.Dead Body Fuck03:21
10.Consequence (Ulcerous Phlegm cover)02:11
Total playing time32:54

2001 - Dead Man Rotting

1.Attack of The Brain Dead04:38
2.Dead Man Rotting03:28
3.(Desire For...) Autopsy05:07
4.O.C.B. - The Oath Despised02:13
5.Delicious Preparation01:04
6.How To Use A Human Being04:03
7.Blood Drenched Ground02:29
8.Barbaric Death Metal02:58
9.Dead World05:18
10.Mixolydian Ten Bar Blues01:15
Total playing time32:33

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