domingo, 7 de septiembre de 2008

POST MORTEM [Thrash Metal]

Pais: Estados Unidos

Tiempo: 1982-1993
Liricas Sobre: Muerte,muertos
Discográfica: Metal War P.
Web: MySpace.Com

Ultima Formación:
John McCarthy - Vocals
John Alexander - Guitar
Mark Kelley - Bass
Rick McIver - Drums

1993 - Destined for Failure

1.Loose Stool02:05
2.Pickle Bucket03:15
3.I Like Pinball & Pool, I Work in an Arcade During the Summer02:45
4.Pigeon Boy Waiting04:42
5.Dazzle Me with Your Knowledge of the Fine Arts04:17
6.The Skills05:59
7.Father Knows Less02:07
8.Winner's Circle04:33
9.Last Day at the Arboretum06:00
Total playing time35:43

1991 - Festival Of Fun

2.Take Some Drugs01:47
3.Potato Platation00:26
4.Cancer Breath00:51
5.Everybody Loves the Fish01:49
6.Uncle Walter00:57
10.The Mystery Behind Higgins' Head00:56
11.Big Small Not at All01:31
12.Satisfied Daddy01:04
13.Phony Baldness Cures03:47
14.Sallin Daddy00:37
15.Burnt Beyond Recognition (part II)00:20
16.A Friend of the Family02:38
17.The Gift of Life00:43
Total playing time34:49

1986 - Coroner's Office

1.Armies of the Dead01:11
2.Waiting for the Funeral03:04
3.Ready to Die02:16
4.No Time05:10
6.(It Was) Just a Thought05:54
7.Syncopated Jazz (Instrumental)00:35
8.Soupy Sales00:10
9.Coroner's Office01:21
10.Death to the Masses05:38
11.I Want to Die12:31
12.Run Amok00:42
Total playing time41:40

3 comentarios:

Anónimo dijo...

No me imaginaba ver este grupo jeje
realmente son excelentes! muy buen trash (me recuerda a slayer en los dos primeros discos )


Anónimo dijo...

a todo esto has escuchado Cynic? te los recomiendo

longge dijo...

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