viernes, 17 de octubre de 2008

CARNIVORE [Speed/Thrash Metal/Crossover]

Pais: Estados Unidos , (New York)

Tiempo: 1982-Actualidad
Liricas Sobre: Armagedon,tecnofobia,cinismo y guerra
Discográfica: ?
Web: Inner-Conflict.Com

Formación Actual:
Peter Thomas Steele (Lord Petrus T. Steele) (real name: Peter Ratajczyk) - Vocals/Bass (Type O Negative, Fallout, Aggression, Iommi as guest)
Paul Bento - Guitar, Vocals (Metal Health Association, Type O Negative as guest)
Joey Zampela - Guitar, Vocals (Life of Agony)
Steve Tobin - Drums, Vocals Dust to Dust, Metal Health Association)

1985 - Carnivore

3.Male Supremacy07:31
5.Legion of Doom03:31
6.God Is Dead04:13
7.Thermonuclear Warrior05:38
8.World Wars III and IV10:13
Total playing time43:15

1987 - Retaliation

1.Jack Daniels and Pizza00:55
2.Angry Neurotic Catholics02:48
4.Ground Zero Brooklyn04:40
5.Race War05:56
6.Inner Conflict05:03
7.Jesus Hitler05:17
9.Manic Depression (Jimi Hendrix cover)03:07
10.U.S.A. for U.S.A.03:21
11.Five Billion Dead03:02
12.Sex and Violence03:51
Total playing time44:23

pass: kru5ty@dm

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