viernes, 4 de abril de 2008

GRIND INC. [Death Metal]

Pais/Country: Alemania/Germany , (Krefeld/Nordrhein-Westfalen)
Tiempo/Time: 2001-Act.
Liricas Sobre/Lyric Theme: Gore,salpicos y muerte/Gore,splatter and death
Discografica/Current Label: Morbid R.
Web: MySpace.Com

Formacion Actual/Current Line-Up:
Christoph Mieves - Vocals (Hate Factor, Crikey)
Jan Pelser - Guitar (Hate Factor, ex-Torture Chamber (Ger))
Adriano Ricci - Drums (Night in Gales, ex-Coronation, ex-Torture Chamber (Ger), ex-Blood Red Angel, ex-Crikey, ex-Resurrected (Ger), ex-In Blackest Velvet)
Tom Strater - Vocals (Coronation, ex-Torture Chamber (Ger), ex-Khaosick)
Thomas Granzow - Bass (Resurrected (Ger))

2008 - Sudden State of Hate

1.Human Time Bomb04:42
2.Certifiably Insane03:42
3.Hole in the Ground03:09
4.Pact with Agony04:07
5.To Descendants04:08
6.Lack of Credibility00:51
7.Collateral Body Count04:15
8.Killustrating Your Demise04:11
9.Petrified Parasites03:39
10.Voice of Premonition03:50
11.Sudden State of Hate04:20
Total playing time40:54

2006 - Inhale The Violence

1.Intro - Absorbing Brutality

2.Dead Body Costume

3.Rebirth Of An Ancient Time

4.Cold Irregular Truth

5.Glorification Of Violence

6.Congregation Of The Extreme

7.Intro - Harbinger For The Doomed

8.Inhale The Swarm

9.Scanning The Molecules

10.While The Vile Wept

11.The Grinding Process

12.Peace By Pieces

Total playing time38:41

2005 - Excecuted

2.Non Existence02:40
3.Defining The Art Of Pure Brutality02:18
4.Intense Zombie Butchery01:53
5.40 Incisions00:42
7.Murder And Slaughter Repeat02:24
8.Overkill Infernalized01:55
9.Splattered In Virginia01:38
10.Beware Of God01:34
11.Kill For This Peace03:10
12.Forever Blood00:50
13.Forced To Eat Their Guts While Dying03:01
14.What To Fuck01:10
15.Forced To Consume05:07
16.The Sin That Makes Us Forget01:41
Total playing time38:00

2004 - Defined To Kill (Demo*)

2.What To Fuck?01:17
3.Defining The Art Of Pure Brutality02:12
4.Splattered In Virginia01:35
5.Forever Blood00:52
6.Beware Of God01:32
7.Infernal Overkill01:59
8.Murder & Slaughter...Repeat02:17
9.The Sin That Makes Us Forget01:36
10.A Life Of Terror01:54
Total playing time16:49

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