sábado, 19 de julio de 2008

TWILIGHTNING [Power metal/Hard rock]

Pais: Finlandia , (Imatra/Southern F.)

Tiempo: 1998-Actualidad
Liricas Sobre: Vida y fantasia
Discográfica: Spinefarm
Web: Twilightning.Net

Formación Actual:
Heikki "h.m.i" Pöyhiä - Vocals (Timo Tolkki)
Ville "Wille-W" Wallenius - Guitar
Tommi "Thief" Sartanen - Guitar
Jussi Kainulainen - Bass
Juha "Leskine" Leskinen - Drums (Solium XI)

2007 - Swinelords

1.Isolation Shell05:15
3.Reflection Of The Cuckoo04:43
4.Vice Jesus04:16
5.Pimps, Witches, Thieves & Bitches04:12
6.The Gun03:34
7.Not A Word03:54
8.Consume Gap04:08
9.With The Flow05:07
10.Wounded & Withdrawn05:27
Total playing time44:44

2006 - Bedlam (Ep*)

1.Space of Disgrace04:32
2.Rolling Heads04:20
3.Sex Jail04:27
4.Plague Overload04:52
5.Train to Bedlam03:08
Total playing time21:19

2004 - Plague-House Puppet Show

1.Plague-House Puppet Show04:20
2.Into Treason05:07
3.The Fiend04:24
4.Victim of Deceit04:11
5.Painting the Blue Eyes04:31
6.In the Fervor´s Frontier04:57
7.Fever Pitch03:50
8.Diamonds of Mankind04:57
9.Riot Race05:27
10.Lubricious Thoughts05:14
Total playing time46:57

2003 - Delirium Veil

1.Gone to the Wall04:50
2.At the Forge05:57
3.Jester Realm06:57
4.Delirium Veil04:17
5.Return to Innocence06:06
6.Under Somber Skies05:59
7.Seventh Dawn04:25
8.Enslaved to the Mind04:48
9.Masked Ball Dalliance05:04
Total playing time48:30

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