miércoles, 26 de marzo de 2008

Como descargar de Ifolder??? Español / English

tutorial que les prometi para descargar del famoso servidor ifolder (Observa las imagenes, un clic para hacerlas grandes o al texto)

Paso 1:
Descarga Flashget...

Paso 2:
Abre tu link ifolder y dale un clic tal como muestra la imagen

Paso 3:

Despues de abrir el primer link abre el segundo (cualquiera sirve) tal como muestra la imagen

Paso 4:

Espera el tiempo que te marca y obtendras un link, tal como muestra la imagen

Paso 5:

Introduce el codigo de acceso...

Paso 6:

Copia el link de descarga y pegalo en el flashget, tal como dice la imagen



Lo ven complicado? espero les ayude... suerte.

Short manual for foreigners

How to download files from iFolder.ru

If you want to upload files, use english language oriented host -
AxiFile.com Rapideshare.de or Megaupload.com (u-r-g-h, I really HATE Megaupload - 13.gif it discriminates foreign users)

iFolder User Agreement (The most important + my comments)

1. ifolder.ru is intended for an exchange and storage of files
2. ifolder.ru allows to any user free of charge:
2.1 Upload file up to 100 MB (file >100 MB may be uploaded only for price)
2.2 Download file (any size)
2.3 Set a password for file downloading
4. It is forbidden to place materials contradicting with Russian Federation Laws
5. It is forbidden to use iFolder file links in smap dispatches. That files will be deleted without warning.
6.1 File can't be downloaded from foreign IP more often, than from russian IP (exception - first 10 downloads)
6.2 Simultaneously the file can download no more than from 10 IP
6.3. Limit to downloads of one file from one IP - 50 (it has matter for some local network
(one static IP for many dynamic IP) and if you use proxy-server).

Downloading from iFolder:
Paste full link (for example http://www.ifolder.ru/163496) in your browser.
Enter security code (green) in a field and then click a word ДАЛЕЕ

Click your personal link (can't share this link, it's valid only for your IP)

Select folder and filename - and you can start download. That's all.

If you are restricted according to Rule 6.1, you should be
1. Use russian proxy-server (may be problems - see rule 6.3 and/or low speed of downloading)
2. Visit one of iFolder sponsor sites (for Example Job.ru) during >30 sec.
P. 2 is also solution, if date of storage has expired, but file is still on host.

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allan tankwart dijo...

what the password??

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