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EDENBRIDGE [Symphonic Power Metal]

Pais: Austria , (Linz,Oberosterreich)

Tiempo: 1998-Actualidad
Liricas Sobre: Fantasia,atmosfera y amor
Discografica: Napalm R.
Web: Edenbridge.Org

Formacion Actual:
Sabine Edelsbacher - Vocals
Arne "Lanvall" Stockhammer - Guitars, Keyboards
Frank Bindig - Bass
Max Pointner - Drums

2008 - My Earth Dream

1.The Force Within01:05
4.Undying Devotion04:36
6.Whale Rider04:13
7.Remember Me03:38
8.Fallen From Grace04:43
9.Place Of Higher Power05:05
10.MyEarthDream Suite (For Guitar And Orchestra)06:47
Total playing time58:39

2007 - The Chronicles Of Eden (Best Of*)

Disc 1
1.Thin Red Line05:58
2.The Silent Wake05:33
3.Images in the Sand03:16
4.For Your Eyes Only02:59
6.Empire of the Sun05:22
7.Shine (Single Version)04:45
8.On Sacred Ground06:04
10.On the Verge of Infinity04:53
11.The Whispering Gallery05:18
12.The Whisper of the Ages06:10
13.Velvet Eyes of Dawn06:18
Disc 2
1.Sunrise in Eden08:33
2.Cheyenne Spirit05:37
4.The Palace06:56
5.The Undiscovered Land06:10
6.Red Ball in Blue Sky09:11
7.Wild Chase05:34
8.The Canterville Prophecy01:47
9.The Canterville Ghost07:46
10.The Grand Design10:16
11.Terra Nova07:08
Total playing time02:21:39

2006 - The Grand Design

1.Terra Nova07:10
2.Flame of Passion05:23
4.The Most Beautiful Place03:10
5.See You Fading Afar04:46
6.On Top of the World05:05
7.Taken Away04:15
8.The Grand Design10:17
9.Empire of the Sun (Bonus Track)05:23
Total playing time49:17

2004 - Shine Part1 & Part2

2.Move Along Home04:41
3.Centennial Legend05:16
4.Wild Chase05:32
5.And the Road Goes On08:10
6.What You Leave Behind04:41
8.October Sky05:11
9.The Canterville Prophecy01:49
10.The Canterville Ghost07:45
11.On Sacred Ground (European Bonus Track)06:04
12.Anthem (Japanese Bonus Track)04:41
Total playing time53:32

2003 - Aphelion

1.The Undiscovered Land06:08
3.The Final Curtain04:44
4.Perennial Dreams04:57
5.Fly at Higher Game04:48
6.As Far as Eyes Can See04:35
7.Deadend Fire04:25
8.Farpoint Anywhere04:13
9.Where Silence Has Lease04:43
10.Red Ball in Blue Sky09:11
11.The Whispering Gallery (Bonus Track)05:17
Total playing time57:40

2001 - Arcana

1.Ascending (Intro)01:07
2.Starlight Reverie04:13
3.The Palace06:56
4.A Moment of Time04:08
5.Fly on a Rainbow Dream04:41
6.Color My Sky04:34
7.Into the Light05:22
9.Winter Winds04:43
11.Velvet Eyes Of Dawn (Bonus Track)06:16
12.The Whisper Of The Ages (Bonus Track)06:07
Total playing time01:03:11

2000 - Sunrise in Eden

1.Cheyenne Spirit05:35
2.Sunrise in Eden08:32
3.Forever Shine On05:02
4.Holy Fire04:48
5.Wings of the Wind05:04
6.In the Rain04:30
7.Midnight at Noon04:11
8.Take Me Back04:16
9.My Last Step Beyond10:44
Total playing time52:43

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