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PC DEATH SQUAD [Thrash Metal/Crossover]

Pais: Estados Unidos, (San Diego,California)

Tiempo: 2004-Actualidad
Liricas Sobre: Circulos,rage y thrash
Discografica: Pottymouth

Formacion Actual:
John Lockjaw -Vocals
Jonny Nevada - Drums
Danno Martinez - Bass
Jesse Jensen - Guitar (Skelator, GutRot/Ritual Torture)
Anthony Guzman - Guitar

2006 - Eternal Ignorance (EP)

1.Hella Sick01:33
2.It's A Rager01:45
3.Defcon V02:22
4.Fuck The Word Awesome01:11
5.Death Machine01:32
7.I Drove To Seattle And All I Got Was A 3 Second Handjob03:08
Total playing time13:52

2006 - Downsized

1.How I see It02:11
2.Full Circle01:36
3.One Signature Away01:49
4.Tone Setter00:43
6.Its dead to me02:03
7.Break it down Niggaz01:15
8.Fuck Metallica01:25
9.Sketchy Cell Chatter00:47
10.Fuck Yourself06:55
11.System Collapse01:30
12.The Wizard01:17
Total playing time24:09

1.March Of The Pcds02:15
2.Pc Death Squad01:14
3.Fuck Yourself01:18
4.One Signature Away02:01
6.The Lurk01:52
7.An Open Letter01:36
9.Full Circle02:06
10.Metal Thrashin Mad02:40
Total playing time18:48

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