lunes, 21 de abril de 2008


Pais: Irlanda , (Athy,Kildare)

Tiempo: 1992-Actualidad
Liricas Sobre: Perdicion,angustia y amor
Discografica: Grau R.
Web: MB.Com

Formacion Actual:
Darren Moore - Vocals (ex-Karnayna, Morphosis (Irl))
Frank Brennan - Clean vocals, guitar (Old Season)
Brian Delaney - Guitar
Timmy Johnson - Drums
Brendan Roche - Bass

2008 - A Disease for the Ages

1.The Sickness13:08
2.Trace Decay08:46
3.Primeval Rush12:44
4.The Burning Man10:47
5.Poison Beyond All10:31
Total playing time55:56

2005 - A Murderous Circus

1.The Apocalypse Machine14:40
2.Elemental Nausea11:46
3.The Crashing Wave14:11
4.Nothing (The March of Death)19:43
5....Yet Everything14:45
Total playing time01:15:00

2003 - Mourning Beloveth/Lunar Gate (Split*)

Mourning Beloveth
1.Part 1

Lunar Gate
2.Latitude (Variaton 2003)

2002 - The Sullen Sulcus Part1 & Part2

1.The Words That Crawled12:25
2.It Almost Looked Human07:21
3.The Insolent Caul10:08
4.Narcissistic Funeral13:33
5.My Sullen Sulcus11:23
6.Anger's Steaming Arrows10:38
Total playing time01:06:00

2001 - Dust

1.The Mountains Are Mine09:35
2.In Mourning My Days06:36
4.Autumnal Fires12:01
5.All Hope Is Pleading10:03
6.Sinistra [hidden track]02:59
Total playing time01:01:11

1998 - Autumnal Fires (Demo*)

1.Forever Lost Emeralds11:28
2.A Haunting Vision (this obsequious dream)10:39
3.Autumns Fires in Somnolent Harmony14:33
Total playing time36:40

1996 - Debut (Demo*)

1.The Fruit And The Sorrow12:41
Total playing time19:51

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