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NARNIA [Power, Neo-classical metal]

Pais: Suecia , (jonkoping)

Tiempo: 1996-Actualidad
Liricas Sobre: Cristianismo
Discográfica: Massacre R.
Web: NarniaWorld.Com

Formación Actual:
Carljohan Grimmark - Guitar, Vocals (Saviour Machine, Rob Rock, Planet Alliance, Beautiful Sin, Audiovision, Flagship , System Breakdown, Fires Of Babylon, Modest Attraction)
Andreas Olsson - Bass (7days, Wisdom Call, DivineFire, Stormwind (Swe), Rob Rock, Harmony, Abscess Plague)
Andreas Johansson - Drums (Wisdom Call, Rob Rock , System Breakdown)

2007 - Decade of Confession (Best Of*) Part1 & Part2

Disc 1
1.In His Majesty's Service *03:49
2.Into This Game04:36
3.Show All the World05:10
4.Judgement Day04:31
5.Innocent Blood07:35
6.The Countdown Has Begun (live)05:05
7.Back from Hell (live)07:26
8.No Time to Lose (live)06:53
9.Inner Sanctum05:45
10.The Witch & the Lion04:17
11.Revolution of Mother Earth05:00
12.The Light at the End of the Tunnel04:32
13.Trapped in This Age09:30
14.Sunrise **

Disc 2
1.Gates of Cair Paravel01:25
2.Living Water03:53
3.The Mission04:30
4.Shelter Through the Pain05:01
5.Can't Get Enough of You ***

6.Dangerous Game05:11
7.Long Live the King04:57
8.No More Shadows from the Past03:28
9.Heavenly Love04:21
10.Break the Chains05:00
11.Awakening (live)05:47
12.Hymn to the North ***02:11
13.Show All the World (remix) ****05:10

2006 - Enter the Gate

1.Into This Game04:36
2.People of the Bloodred Cross04:38
3.Another World06:06
4.Show All the World05:10
5.Enter the Gate04:36
6.Take Me Home06:57
7.This Is My Life04:18
8.Aiming Higher05:12
9.The Man from Nazareth08:38
10.Hymn to the North

Total playing time50:16

2006 - At Short Notice... Live in Germany (Live*)

2.Inner Sanctum05:49
3.The Mission04:04
4.The Countdown Has Begun05:05
5.Back from Hell07:26
6.No Time to Lose06:53
7.Long Live the King05:52
8.Living Water03:58
9.Shelter Through the Pain04:59
10.Dangerous Game05:06
12.Break the Chains05:40
13.The Witch & The Lion04:31
Total playing time01:07:33

2003 - The Great Fall

1.War Preludium01:41
2.The Countdown Has Begun05:12
3.Back from Hell07:31
4.No Time to Lose06:27
5.Innocent Blood07:35
6.Ground Zero05:11
7.Judgement Day04:31
8.Desert Land01:33
9.The Great Fall of Man14:19
Total playing time54:00

2001 - Desert Land

1.Inner Sanctum05:45
2.The Witch & the Lion *04:17
3.Falling from the Throne05:15
4.Revolution of Mother Earth05:00
5.The Light at the End of the Tunnel04:32
6.Angels Are Crying04:59
7.Walking the Wire05:39
8.Misty Morning04:05
9.Trapped in This Age09:30
Total playing time49:02

1.Gates of Cair Paravel (Introduction)01:25
2.Living Water03:53
3.Shelter Through the Pain05:01
4.The Mission04:30
5.What You Give Is What You Get04:35
6.The Lost Son *04:05
7.Long Live the King04:57
8.Dangerous Game *05:11
9.Star over Bethlehem06:47
10.Shadowlands (Outro)02:29
Total playing time41:07

1998 - Awakening

1.Break the Chains05:00
2.No More Shadows from the Past03:28
3.The Return of Aslan04:55
4.Heavenly Love04:21
5.Time of Changes05:14
6.The Awakening05:30
7.Touch from You03:17
8.Sign of the Time07:21
Total playing time38:38

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reperra dijo...

Hola!! desde Argentina, sabés no puedo descomprimir los rar. de Rapsodhy Symphony of Enchanted Lands. Cómo hago?? Ah! y aprovecho también para consultarte como hago para poner el parche en español del Ulead DvD workshop. Gracias!! Buen blog Andrés.Felicitaciones!!

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