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VECTOM [Thrash/Speed Metal]

Pais: Alemania , (Ingolstad/Bayern)

Tiempo: 1984-1987
Liricas Sobre: Maldad,muerte,metal,insanidad y mujeres
Discografica: Scrathcore
Web: Metallism.Com

Ultima Formacion:
Christian Bucher - Vocals
Horst Götz - Guitars
Stefan Kroll - Guitars
Ralf Simon - Bass
Wolfgang Sonhütter - Drums

1986 - Rules of Mystery

1.Der Anfang00:08
2.Prisoner's Back03:10
4.Metallic War04:46
5.Why Am I Alive?04:13
7.Feelings of Freedom03:49
8.Elixier of Death03:32
9.Caught by Insanity04:25
10.Evil Run05:26
11.This Is the End00:14
Total playing time37:55

1.Speed Revolution03:51
2.In Nomine Satanas03:33
3.Damned Love04:01
4.The Exterminator03:06
5.Loudness and Speed03:37
6.Black Viper03:15
7.Day of Execution03:23
8.Open the Coffin03:33
9.Satan's Colours04:32
10.Too Fast For Hell02:38
Total playing time35:29

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