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NEHEMAH [Black Metal]

Pais: Francia, (Chambery-Rhone-Alpes)

Tiempo: 1992-Actualidad
Liricas Sobre: Ocultismo
Discografica: Avantgarde M.

Formacion Actual:
Corven - Vocals, Bass (Himinbjørg)
Sorghal - Guitar (Nahar, Hate Supremacy, Caïnan Dawn)
Dargon - Drums
Arawn - Session guitar
Baar' Hython - Session keyboards

2006 - In November Live... (Live)

2.Light of a Dead Star05:19
3.Across the Landscape07:56
4.In October Nightshades07:52
5.Nehëmah in Vulva Infenum08:08
6.Misty Swamps11:11
Total playing time41:37

2004 - Requiem Tenebrae

1.Creeping Chaos01:30
2.The Great Old Ones06:59
3.Dead But Dreaming in the Eternal Icy Waste02:51
4.The Elder Gods Awakening07:30
5.In the Mists of Orion's Sword07:39
6.Taken Away by the Torn Blackshroud11:39
7.Conscience in Evil09:34
8.Through the Dark Nebula07:24
Total playing time55:06

2003 - Shadows From the Past...

1.Black Winds Over the Walls of Csejthe06:42
2.Sonner Av Den Fimbulvetr05:49
3.The Thousand Tongues of Medusa08:19
5.Siguilum Sanctum Lycantropia07:51
6.Shadows From the Past...03:46
8.Drawn in Darkness00:48
9.Call From the Grave (Bathory cover)04:53
Total playing time57:27

2002 - Light of a Dead Star

1.The Witch Burns...02:52
2.Light Of A Dead Star05:42
3.Across The Landscape07:24
4.In October Nightshades07:53
5.Nehëmah In Vulva Infernum08:15
6.I Will Sleep With The Dragon07:10
7.Misty Swamps12:10
8....In The Heat Of The Flames02:42
Total playing time54:08

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