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ANGEL CORPSE [Death/Black Metal]

Pais: Estados Unidos , (Kansas City,Missouri(antes)/Tampa,Florida(Ahora)

Tiempo: 1995-Actualidad
Liricas Sobre: Anti-cristianismo,guerra y apocalipsis
Discográfica: Osmose P./The End R.
Web: Geocities.Com/AngelCorpse

Formación Actual:
Pete Helmkamp - Bass, Vocals (Order From Chaos, Revenge (Can), Terror Organ, Feldgrau)
Gene Palubicki - Guitars (Impiety (US), Apocalypse Command)
Paul Collier - Drums (Ornament of Disgrace)
Kelly McLauchlin - Guitar (Resistance (US), Diabolic, Pessimist (US), Unholy Ghost, Cauldron, Equinox (US))

2007 - Of Lucifer And Lightning

1.Credo Decimatus01:27
2.Antichrist Vanguard03:27
3.Machinery of the Cleansing03:29
5.Extermination Sworn03:49
6.Saints of Blasphemy06:03
8.Shining One (Rex Luciferi)05:07
Total playing time36:16

2002 - Death Dragons Of The Apocalypse

5.When Abyss Winds Return03:15
6.Sons of Vengeance07:06
8.When Abyss Winds Return02:58
11.Perversion Enthroned03:08
13.Reap the Whirlwind05:34
14.Sodomy Curse04:23
Total playing time01:10:09

2001 - Iron, Blood & Blasphemy (Best Of*)

1.When Abyss Winds Return02:37
2.Desecration of Virgin (Sarcófago cover)01:59
3.Demon Seed (Morbid Angel cover)02:17
4.Kill Again (Slayer cover)04:21
5.Eat Me Alive (Judas Priest cover)03:36
7.Burning in Hell (Possessed cover)02:31
8.Pleasure to Kill (Kreator cover)03:37
9.Genghis Kahn (Iron Maiden cover)03:29
10.Phallelujah (live)05:50
11.Reap the Whirlwind (live)05:41
12.Envenomed (live)04:46
13.Sodomy Curse (live)04:33
14.Perversion Enthroned03:19
15.The Scapegoat03:47
17.Lord of the Funeral Pyre04:18
Total playing time01:05:10

1999 - The Inexorable

1.Stormgods Unbound03:40
2.Smoldering in Exile05:01
5.As Predator to Prey04:25
6.Solar Wills03:23
7.Begotten (Through Blood & Flame)05:46
8.The Fall of the Idols of Flesh03:46
Total playing time34:29

1998 - Exterminate

3.Into the Storm of Steel02:43
5.Reap the Whirlwind05:16
6.That Which Lies Upon04:04
8.Sons of Vengeance06:18
Total playing time39:50

1997 - Wolflust (Single*)

2.Burning in Hell (Possessed cover)02:30
Total playing time10:51

1997 - Nuclear Hell (Single*)

1.Envenomed (live)04:48
2.Sodomy Curse (live)04:30
Total playing time09:18

1996 - Hammer of Gods

3.When Abyss Winds Return02:37
4.Lord of the Funeral Pyre04:11
5.Black Solstice03:52
6.The Scapegoat03:52
8.Perversion Enthroned04:26
9.Sodomy Curse05:08
Total playing time38:08

1996 - Goats to Azazael (Demo*)

1.Perversion Enthroned03:15
4.Lord of the Funeral Pyre04:10
Total playing time14:45

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