viernes, 8 de agosto de 2008

MINOTAUR [Thrash Metal]

Pais: Alemania , (Halstenbeck,Schleswig-Holstein)

Tiempo: 1993-Actualidad
Liricas Sobre: Muerte y oscuridad
Discográfica: ¿?
Web: Minotaur-Trashers.De

Formación Actual:
Andreas Richwien - Vocals/Guitar (Ravage, Desert Storm (Ger))
Alf Diehl - Bass (Horus)
Jörg Bock - Drums (Torment (Ger))

2006 - Don't Burn the Witch... (Split*)

Minotaur (Ger)
1.Mass Suicide03:57
Toxic Holocaust
2.Army of One03:03
Goat Messiah
3.Rape, Kill, Destroy03:29
Evil Angel
4.Thrash Nightmare02:25
Total playing time12:54

1993 - Welcome To... (Ep*)

1.Welcome to...Multi Morbidity04:23
2.State of Catatonia03:54
3.We Hate You05:04
4.Wish You Were Dead04:20
6.R.A.T. (Mozart cover)01:38
Total playing time21:52

1993 - Torment/Desert Storm/Minotaur (Ep*)

Torment (Ger)
3.Nature's Revenge04:42
4.Traitor's Fate06:15
5.Sie Kam Zu Mir Am Morgen03:01
Desert Storm (Ger)
7.Locked into Life02:28
8.Fade to Grey04:06
Minotaur (Ger)
11.Welcome to...Multimorbidity04:28
12.State of Catatonia03:59
13.We Hate You05:11
14.Wish You Were Dead04:26
Total playing time55:59

1988 - Power of Darkness

1.Into the Temple (Intro)00:53
2.Fierce Fight03:48
4.Maggots in My Body03:45
5.Apocalyptic Trails02:54
7.The Power of Darkness04:12
8.Planed Head03:45
9.Fall of the Gods03:44
10.Savage Aggressions02:24
Total playing time30:55

1986 - The Slaughter Continues (Demo*)

2.Planed Head02:30
3.Savage Aggressions02:23
4.Fall of the Gods03:43
Total playing time09:53

1.Sacrifice the Unbelievers01:03
2.Total Decay02:48
4.Tales of Terror03:39
Total playing time09:24

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