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CELTIC FROST [Thrash/Death/Black Metal (early), Avant-Garde (late 80s), Glam (Cold Lake) Gothic/Doom (now)]

Pais: Suiza , (Zürich)

Tiempo: 1984-Actualidad
Liricas Sobre: Historya,literatura y ocultismo
Discográfica: Prowling Death/Century Media
Web: CelticFrost.Com

Formación Actual:
Thomas Gabriel Fischer (formerly Tom G. Warrior) - Vocals/Guitars (1984-1993, 2001-) (Apollyon Sun, Hellhammer)
Martin Eric Ain (Martin Eric Stricker) - Bass (1984-1985, 1986-1987, 1990-1993, 2003-) (Hellhammer)
Franco Sesa - Drums (2004-) (Flattrack)
V. Santura - Guitars (Live) (2007-) (Dark Fortress, Noneuclid)

Celtic Frost es una banda de Thrash Metal y Avant Garde Metal de los 80, procedentes de Zúrich, Suiza, y conocidos por su vanguardismo y su enorme influencia en el Thrash, Black y Death Metal. Fue creado por Thomas Gabriel Fisher y Martin Eric Ain.

2006 - Live In San Diego (Bootleg*)


2006 - Monotheist

1.Progeny05:02[view lyrics]
2.Ground03:55[view lyrics]
3.A Dying God Coming into Human Flesh05:38[view lyrics]
4.Drown in Ashes04:23[view lyrics]
5.Os Abysmi vel Daath06:41[view lyrics]
6.Obscured07:05[view lyrics]
7.Domain of Decay04:36[view lyrics]
8.Ain Elohim07:33[view lyrics]
9.Triptych: Totengott04:27[view lyrics]
10.Triptych: Synagoga Satanae14:23[view lyrics]
11.Triptych: Winter (Requiem, Chapter Three: Finale)04:34
Total playing time01:08:17

1993 - In Session '93 (Unofficial Remastered 2003*)

1. Devil And The Flesh
2. Pearl Of Love
3. The Man Who Would Weep
4. Primevil Rapture
5. Icons Alive
6. Carmina Burana
7. Untitled

1992 - Parched with Thirst Am I and Dying (Best Of/Compilation*)

1.Idols of Chagrin04:10[view lyrics]
2.A Descent to Babylon (Babylon Asleep)04:28[view lyrics]
3.Return to the Eve (Studio Jam)04:08[view lyrics]
4.Juices Like Wine (Rerecorded)04:18[view lyrics]
5.The Inevitable Factor04:40[view lyrics]
6.The Heart Beneath03:52[view lyrics]
7.Tristesses de la Lune03:01[view lyrics]
8.The Usurper (Rerecorded)03:29[view lyrics]
9.Journey into Fear03:55
10.Downtown Hanoi (Rerecorded)04:12[view lyrics]
11.In the Chapel in the Moonlight02:07[view lyrics]
12.I Won't Dance (The Elders Orient) (Radio Edit)03:51[view lyrics]
13.Under Apollyon's Sun05:36[view lyrics]
Total playing time51:47

1990 - Vanity/Nemesis

1.The Heart Beneath03:50[view lyrics]
2.Wine in My Hand (Third from the Sun)03:29[view lyrics]
3.Wings of Solitude04:36[view lyrics]
4.The Name of My Bride04:32[view lyrics]
5.This Island Earth (Bryan Ferry cover)05:50[view lyrics]
6.The Restless Seas04:41[view lyrics]
7.Phallic Tantrum03:29[view lyrics]
8.A Kiss or a Whisper03:05[view lyrics]
9.Vanity04:26[view lyrics]
10.Nemesis07:49[view lyrics]
11.Heroes (David Bowie cover)03:47[view lyrics]
Total playing time49:34

1988 - Cold Lake

1.Human (Intro)01:07
2.Seduce Me Tonight03:22
3.Petty Obsession03:14
4.(Once) They Were Eagles03:43
5.Cherry Orchards04:18[view lyrics]
6.Juices Like Wine04:16[view lyrics]
7.Little Velvet03:37
8.Blood on Kisses03:32
9.Downtown Hanoi04:18[view lyrics]
10.Dance Sleazy03:32
11.Roses Without Thorns03:31
Total playing time38:50

1987 - Into The Pandemonium

1.Mexican Radio (Wall of Voodoo cover)03:29[view lyrics]
2.Mesmerized03:24[view lyrics]
3.Inner Sanctum05:16[view lyrics]
4.Sorrows of the Moon03:04[view lyrics]
5.Babylon Fell04:19[view lyrics]
6.Caress Into Oblivion05:14[view lyrics]
7.One in Their Pride (Porthole mix)02:51
8.I Won't Dance (Elder's Orient)04:33[view lyrics]
9.Rex Irae (Requiem: Overture - Fourth Version)05:58[view lyrics]
10.Oriental Masquerade01:16
Total playing time39:24

1985 - To Mega Therion

1.Innocence and Wrath01:02
2.The Usurper03:27[view lyrics]
3.Jewel Throne04:06[view lyrics]
4.Dawn of Meggido05:47[view lyrics]
5.Eternal Summer04:31[view lyrics]
6.Circle of the Tyrants04:38[view lyrics]
7.(Beyond The) North Winds03:08[view lyrics]
8.Fainted Eyes05:09[view lyrics]
9.Tears in a Prophet's Dream02:33
10.Necromantical Screams06:02[view lyrics]
Total playing time40:23

1984 - Morbid Tales (Ep*)

1.Into the Crypts of Rays04:20[view lyrics]
2.Visions of Mortality04:48[view lyrics]
3.Procreation (Of the Wicked)04:05[view lyrics]
4.Return to the Eve04:08[view lyrics]
5.Danse Macabre03:52
6.Nocturnal Fear03:38[view lyrics]
Total playing time24:51


2003 - A Tribute To Celtic Frost - Order of the Tyrants


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