jueves, 18 de junio de 2009


Pais: Estados Unidos, (Maumee Ohio)

Tiempo: 1992-Actualidad
Liricas Sobre: Satanismo
Discografica: ?

Formacion Actual:
Dana Duffey (Satania) - Guitar, Vocals (Mythic, Godless (Pri) (Session))

1999 - Demonic Battle Metal (Best Of*)
pass : thelatinhorde

1.We Have Risen03:38
2.Church of Profane Masturbation04:16
3.Deceiving the Heavens03:18
4.Nocturnal Empire05:28
5.Passing of the Storms03:53
6.Witches Fall06:00
7.Blut Und Ehre06:09
Total playing time32:46

1995 - Punishment for Ignorance
Pass: Cidar

1.Mendacious Messiah05:06
2.We Have Risen03:20
3.Concubine of the Gods06:24
4.Slaughter The Sheeple04:07
5.I Am Lord04:57
6.Veins of Frost07:57
7.Eve's Descent (Outro)01:55
Total playing time33:46