domingo, 9 de noviembre de 2008

REPULSION [Grindcore/Death Metal]

Pais: Estados Unidos , (Flint,Michigan)

Tiempo: 1986-Actualidad
Liricas Sobre: Gore
Discográfica: Relapse R.
Web: Repulsion.Net

Formación Actual:
Scott Carlson - Vocals, Bass (Death, Death Breath (guest))
Matt Olivio - Guitars (Death, Dejecta)
Col Jones - Drums (Dekapitator, Exhumed (US), Cadaverizer, Cretin (US))
Matt Harvey - Guitars (Exhumed (US), Dekapitator, Noothgrush, Cadaverizer, Athrenody, Scarecrow (US))

1991 - Excruciation (Single*)

2.Helga (Lost Her Head)03:25
Total playing time06:56

2.Face of Decay03:14
3.Something Dead03:30
Total playing time09:43

1.The Stench of Burning Death01:34
2.Eaten Alive01:39
3.Acid Bath01:31
4.Slaughter of the Innocent01:33
6.Radiation Sickness02:05
7.Splattered Cadavers01:26
8.Festering Boils01:53
9.Pestilent Decay01:05
11.Driven to Insanity01:40
12.Six Feet Under01:12
13.Bodily Dismemberment01:46
15.The Lurking Fear01:10
16.Black Breath02:17
17.Maggots in Your Coffin01:46
Total playing time29:18

Password: nordi4gulli

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