sábado, 3 de mayo de 2008

FATAL EMBRACE [Thrash Metal]

Pais: Alemania , (Berlin)

Tiempo: 1993-Actualidad
Liricas Sobre: Guerra y violencia
Discografica: Pure Steel R.
Web: FatalEmbrace.Net

Formacion Actual:
Christian Grigat - Guitar
Dirk "Heiländer" Heiland - Vocals
Vincent LaBoor - Guitar (Sinners Bleed, ex-Frozen Heart)
Marko Thäle - Drums (ex-Darkland (Ger), Postmortem (Ger))
Ronald Schulze - Bass

2006 - Dark Pounding Steel

1.Born In Blaspehmy03:42
3.Dont Sacrifice My Soul04:53
4.Storming In My Mind02:16
5.Evil Dead03:12
6.Beyond The Bridge Of Death04:10
7.Dammed Will Be Thy Name02:44
8.And The Evil Walks Your Way05:01
9.In Black Years Of Pain03:59
10.Dark Pounding Steel04:20
Total playing time38:26

2002 - Legions Of Armageddon

1.Wishmaster`s Revenge (Intro)00:49
2.666 (Massacre In Paradise)02:23
3.Legions Of Armageddon04:06
4.Mentally Perversion05:32
5.Returned To Hell06:16
6.Trapped In A Violent Brain03:04
7.Spellbound By The Devil06:01
8.Depraved To Black06:35
9.Wargods Of Thrash06:37
Total playing time41:23

1999 - The Ultimate Aggression

1.Follow Your Nightmare03:35
2.Under My Sadistic Reign `9903:02
3.You Deal In Pain04:22
4.The Last Rites04:16
5.Point Of No Return04:27
6.Ultimate Aggression03:39
7.Nocturnal Anguish05:10
8.Breeder Of Insanity03:03
9.Hate Remains05:34
10.Bonded By Blood (Exodus cover)03:44
Total playing time40:52

Pass: metalarea.org

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