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THE CROWN [Death/Thrash Metal, Melodic Death Metal]

Pais: Suecia , (Trollhatan)

Tiempo: 1998-2004
Liricas Sobre: Muerte,anti-religion y satanas
Discografica: Metal Blade Records
Web: Ultimatemetal.Com

Ultima Formacion:
Tomas ``Tompa`` Lindberg - Vocals (ex-At the Gates, Grotesque (Swe), Infestation (Swe), ex-Liers in Wait, Lock Up, ex-Nightrage, Ben-Hur, Conquest, Disfear, Hide, Skitsystem, The Great Deceiver, World Without End) (all vocals on Crowned in Terror, guest vocals on ``Deathrace King``)
Robert Österberg - guitar (1990-1993)

1999 - Hell is Here

1.The Poison03:17
2.At the End04:42
3.1999 - Revolution 66605:21
4.Dying of the Heart05:57
5.Electric Night02:32
6.Black Lightning03:26
7.The Devil and the Darkness04:52
8.Give You Hell02:54
9.Body and Soul03:11
11.Death by My Side07:28
Total playing time47:09

2000 - Deathrace King

2.Executioner - Slayer of the Light03:45
3.Back From the Grave03:07
4.Devil Gate Ride04:10
6.Rebel Angel04:22
7.I Won't Follow04:28
8.Blitzkrieg Witchcraft03:38
9.Dead Man's Song04:08
10.Total Satan04:07
11.Killing Star (Superbia Luxuria XXX)08:38
Total playing time49:05

2002 - Crowned in Terror

1.House of Hades (Intro)00:55
2.Crowned in Terror04:48
3.Under the Whip03:58
4.Drugged Unholy04:14
5.World Below05:47
6.The Speed of Darkness05:01
7.Out for Blood02:45
8.(I Am) Hell04:15
9.Death Is the Hunter04:18
11.Death Metal Holocaust03:16
Total playing time43:04

2003 - Possessed 13

Bonus Cd

1.No Tomorrow03:51
2.Face of Destruction - Deep Hit of Death02:59
4.Cold Is the Grave04:07
5.Dream Bloody Hell03:33
6.Morningstar Rising03:36
7.Are You Morbid?03:33
8.Bow to None04:17
9.Kill 'em All04:45
10.Natashead Overdrive03:42
12.Dawn of Emptiness06:03
13.In Memoriam02:51
Total playing time50:31

Bonus CD (deluxe edtion only):
01. Last Rite [The Crown's first "pro" recording - 1992] (3:03)

"Forever Heaven Gone" demo - 1993:
02. Seventh Gate (1:43)
03. Deadspawn (2:21)
04. Diachronic Damnation (3:21)
05. The Lord Of The Rings (4:06)
06. Beyond Where Darkness Dwells (4:07)
07. Forever Heaven Gone (3:20)

"Forget the Light" demo - 1994:
08. Soulicide Demon-Might (2:48)
09. Godless (4:01)
10. Neverending Dream (4:14)
11. Candles (6:39)

12. Burnin' Leather [Bathory cover] (3:47)
13. Rebel Angel [demo] (3:25)

2004 - Crowned Unholy (Best Of*)

1.House of Hades (Intro)01:01
2.Crowned in Terror05:00
3.Under the Whip03:58
4.Drugged Unholy04:11
5.World Below05:51
6.The Speed of Darkness05:11
7.Out for Blood02:44
8.(I Am) Hell04:17
9.Death Is the Hunter04:19
11.Death Metal Holocaust03:17
Total playing time43:37

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