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KIUAS [Power Metal]

Pais: Finlandia , (Helsinki)

Tiempo: 2000 - Actualidad
Liricas Sobre: Antigua mitologia finlandes y paganismo
Discográfica: Spinefarm R.
Web: Kiuas.Net

Formación Actual:
Ilja Jalkanen - Vocals (Iconofear)
Mikko Salovaara - Guitar, Vocals
Markku Näreneva - Drums (Iconofear)
Atte Tanskanen - Keyboards
Teemu Tuominen - Bass (Iconofear)

2008 - The New Dark Age

1.The Decaying Doctrine04:55
3.Kiuas War Anthem04:36
4.The New Dark Age05:03
5.To Excel and Ascend05:55
6.Black Rose Withered03:50
7.After the Storm05:40
8.Of Sacrifice, Loss and Reward04:42
9.The Summoning04:58
10.The Wanderer's Lamentation06:45
Total playing time51:30

2006 - Reformation

1.Race with the Falcons04:47
2.Through the Ice Age03:58
3.The New Chapter04:25
4.Of Ancient Wounds03:33
5.Child of Cimmeria01:06
6.Black Winged Goddess05:21
7.Heart of the Serpent04:55
8.Bleeding Strings05:50
9.Call of the Horns03:39
10.Reformation (Wrath of the Old Gods)06:12
Total playing time43:57

2005 - The Spirit of Ukko

1.The Spirit of Ukko05:52
2.On Winds of Death We Ride04:20
3.No More Sleep for Me04:06
4.Warrior Soul05:48
5.Until We Reach the Shore04:27
6.Across the Snows05:59
7.Thorns of a Black Rose04:49
8.And the North Star Cried06:59
Total playing time42:20

2004 - Winter in June (Ep*)

1.Winter in June04:24
2.Warrior Soul06:32
3.Song for the Fells05:02
4.Across the Snows06:00
Total playing time21:58

2003 - Born Under the Northern Lights (Demo*)

1.Warrior Soul06:17
2.Across the Snows05:53
3.Song for the Fells05:57
Total playing time18:07

2002 - The Discipline of Steel (Demo*)

1.Until We Reach the Shore05:57
2.Behind the Glass06:49
3.The Wisdom of Steel01:28
4.The Discipline of Steel11:51
Total playing time26:03

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