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SAMAEL [Black Metal (ANTES), Electronic/Industrial Metal (Ahora)

Pais: Suiza , (Sion)

Tiempo: 1987-Actualidad
Liricas Sobre: Satanismo (antes) y espiritualismo (ahora)
Discográfica: Nuclear Blast

Formación Actual:
Vorph - Vocals, Guitar
Xy - Programming, Keyboards, Percussion
Makro - Guitars (Sludge (Che))
Masmiseim (Christophe Mermod) - Bass (ex-Alastis, Fourth Reich)

Samael es una banda de black metal, proviniente de Suiza. En sus inicios fue una banda de black metal puro, evolucionando después para suavizar su sonido, e incorporar elementos electrónicos e industriales.

2007 - Solar Soul

1.Solar Soul03:44[view lyrics]
2.Promised Land03:57[view lyrics]
3.Slavocracy03:30[view lyrics]
4.Western Ground04:06[view lyrics]
5.On The Rise03:51[view lyrics]
6.Alliance03:40[view lyrics]
7.Suspended Time03:44[view lyrics]
8.Valkyries' New Ride03:53[view lyrics]
9.Ave!04:15[view lyrics]
10.Quasar Waves03:36[view lyrics]
11.Architect (Bonus Track)03:52[view lyrics]
12.Olympus04:39[view lyrics]
Total playing time46:47

2006 - Era One & Lesson In Magic #1

Disc 1
1.Era One02:33
2.Universal Soul04:19[view lyrics]
3.Sound of Galaxies04:21[view lyrics]
5.Night Ride04:40[view lyrics]
6.Diamond Drops04:26[view lyrics]
8.Voyage04:00[view lyrics]
9.Above As Below05:03[view lyrics]
10.Koh-I-Noor05:33[view lyrics]
Disc 2
2.Reading Mind03:21
3.Red Uniction03:33
4.Flying High04:04
6.Inside Stairs04:01
7.One With Everything05:16
8.Silent Words04:45
9.Wealth And Fortune04:39
Total playing time01:17:34

2004 - Reign Of Light

1.Moongate03:30[view lyrics]
2.Inch' Allah03:30[view lyrics]
3.High Above03:57[view lyrics]
4.Reign Of Light03:50[view lyrics]
5.On Earth04:03[view lyrics]
6.Telepath03:35[view lyrics]
7.Oriental Dawn04:24[view lyrics]
8.As The Sun03:39[view lyrics]
9.Further03:59[view lyrics]
10.Heliopolis03:56[view lyrics]
11.Door Of Celestial Peace04:05[view lyrics]
Total playing time42:34

1999 - Eternal

1.Year Zero03:38[view lyrics]
2.Ailleurs03:55[view lyrics]
3.Together04:28[view lyrics]
4.Ways03:49[view lyrics]
5.The Cross03:21[view lyrics]
6.Us04:15[view lyrics]
7.Supra Karma04:33[view lyrics]
9.Nautilus & Zeppelin04:12[view lyrics]
10.Infra Galaxia04:12[view lyrics]
11.Being03:12[view lyrics]
12.Radiant Star03:47[view lyrics]
Total playing time47:23

1998 - Exodus (Ep*)

1.Exodus03:48[view lyrics]
2.Tribes Of Cain03:33[view lyrics]
3.Son Of Earth04:37[view lyrics]
4.Winter Solstice03:33[view lyrics]
5.Ceremony Of Opposites05:03[view lyrics]
6.From Malkuth To Kether04:31
7.Static Journey (hidden track)03:46
Total playing time28:51

1996 - Passage

1.Rain04:00[view lyrics]
2.Shining Kingdom03:37[view lyrics]
3.Angel's Decay03:37[view lyrics]
4.My Saviour04:08[view lyrics]
5.Jupiterian Vibe03:22[view lyrics]
6.The Ones Who Came Before03:42[view lyrics]
7.Liquid Soul Dimension03:41[view lyrics]
8.Moonskin03:56[view lyrics]
9.Born Under Saturn04:18[view lyrics]
10.Chosen Race04:07[view lyrics]
11.A Man in Your Head03:43[view lyrics]
Total playing time42:11

1995 - Rebellion (Ep*)

1.Rebellion03:26[view lyrics]
2.After The Sepulture (new version)03:31[view lyrics]
3.I Love The Dead (Alice Cooper cover)03:32[view lyrics]
4.Static Journey06:02
5.Into The Pentagram (new version)04:23[view lyrics]
6.Static Journey (Hidden Track, English version)06:04
Total playing time34:49

1994 - Ceremony Of Opposites

1.Black Trip03:19[view lyrics]
2.Celebration of the Fourth02:53[view lyrics]
3.Son of Earth03:58[view lyrics]
4.'Till We Meet Again04:11[view lyrics]
5.Mask of the Red Death03:04[view lyrics]
6.Baphomet's Throne03:30[view lyrics]
7.Flagellation03:41[view lyrics]
8.Crown04:06[view lyrics]
9.To Our Martyrs02:37[view lyrics]
10.Ceremony of Opposites04:39[view lyrics]
Total playing time36:03

1993 - After the Sepulture (Ep*)

1.After the Sepulture (New Version)03:31[view lyrics]
2.Manitou (Venom cover)03:13[view lyrics]
Total playing time06:44

1992 - Blood Ritual

1.Epilogue00:39[view lyrics]
2.Beyond The Nothingness04:31[view lyrics]
3.Poison Infiltration03:57[view lyrics]
4.After The Sepulture04:35[view lyrics]
5.Macabre Operetta06:41[view lyrics]
6.Blood Ritual03:24[view lyrics]
7.Since The Creation...00:34[view lyrics]
8.With The Gleam Of The Torches06:25[view lyrics]
9.Total Consecration02:40[view lyrics]
10.Bestial Devotion04:49[view lyrics]
11.Until The Chaos03:25
Total playing time41:44

1991 - Worship Him

1.Sleep Of Death03:44[view lyrics]
2.Worship Him06:30[view lyrics]
3.Knowledge Of The Ancient Kingdom05:05[view lyrics]
4.Morbid Metal04:55[view lyrics]
5.Rite Of Cthulhu02:02
6.The Black Face03:30[view lyrics]
7.Into The Pentagram06:47[view lyrics]
8.Messenger Of The Light02:42[view lyrics]
9.Last Benediction01:23
10.The Dark04:29
Total playing time41:06

1989 - From Dark To Black (Demo*)

1.Morbid Metal05:36
2.Knowledge of the Ancient Kingdom04:39
Total playing time10:15

1988 - Macabre Operetta

1.Blood Ritual02:21
2.Crown of Evil04:40
3.Macabre Operetta06:11
Total playing time13:12

1988 - Medieval Prophecy (Ep*)

1.Into the Pentagram08:31
2.The Dark (Extensive version)05:34
3.The Third of the Storms (Hellhammer cover)02:50
Total playing time16:55

1987 - Into the Infernal Storm of Evil (Demo*)

2.The messenger of the light02:55
3.The knowledge of the ancient kingdom01:27
4.Into the dark03:44
Total playing time10:49

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