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SHEAVY [Stoner Metal]

Pais: Canadá , (St.John's,Newfoundland)

Tiempo: 1993-Actualidad
Liricas Sobre: Ciberespacio,estrellas porno,drogas,ciencia ficción y autos
Discográfica: Rise Above R.
Web: Sheavy.Com

Formación Actual:
Dan Moore - Guitar (Sacrament A.D.)
Tommy Boland - Guitar
Keith Foley - Bass
Kevin Dominic - Drums
Steve Hennessey - Vocals

Anteriormente Shevy era conocida como Green Machine

2007 - The Machine That Won The War

1.The Sleeping Assassin02:49
2.Demon Soldiers03:39
4.Dawn Of The Black Orchid03:56
5.Aboard The Mothership03:14
6.Rings Of Saturn02:44
7.Here Falls The Shadow04:10
8.Lords Of Radiation03:01
9.The Dark Carnival03:43
10.Where Earth Meets Sky04:17
11.One Of Us Must Be Dead03:26
12.The Gunfighters04:22
Total playing time43:12

2005 - Republic?

1.Spy vs. Spy
[view lyrics]
2.The Rook
[view lyrics]
[view lyrics]
4.Standing at the Edge of the World
[view lyrics]
5.Revenge of the Viper Three
[view lyrics]
6.A Phone Booth in the Middle of Nowhere
[view lyrics]
7.The Man Who Never Was
[view lyrics]
8.Stingray Part III
[view lyrics]
9.Moments of Silence

10.Imitation of Christ

11.Last Chance ... Gremlin X
[view lyrics]

2002 - Synchronized

1.Firebird 35002:43[view lyrics]
2.Last Of The V8 Interceptors04:46[view lyrics]
3.Next Exit To Vertigo05:56[view lyrics]
4.Part Of The Machine01:52[view lyrics]
5.Synchronized04:28[view lyrics]
6.Invasion Of The Micronauts04:06[view lyrics]
7.Kill Queens Go Disco03:48[view lyrics]
8.Ultraglide07:08[view lyrics]
9.AFX...Thrown For A Loop04:10[view lyrics]
10.Set Phasers To Stun04:33[view lyrics]
11.The Time Machine04:49[view lyrics]
Total playing time48:19

2000 - Celestial Hi-Fi

1.Hyper Faster04:26[view lyrics]
2.What's Up Mr. Zero?03:40
3.Stingray - Part II05:20[view lyrics]
4.Solarsphere05:45[view lyrics]
5.Strange Gods, Strange Altars06:38[view lyrics]
6.Celestial Hi-Fi06:48[view lyrics]
7.Mountains Of Madness05:01
8.Persona06:42[view lyrics]
9.A Utopian Interlude04:34
10.Gemini (The Twins)03:56[view lyrics]
11.Tales From The Afterburner06:52[view lyrics]
12.El Camino Real (Japan Bonus Only)

13.Nine December (Japan Bonus Only)

1998 - Born Too Late (Split*)

Church of Misery (Jpn)
1.Spahn Ranch08:26
2.Road to Ruin07:23
4.War is our Destiny (St Vitus cover)04:27
5.Destiny's Rainbow '9603:58
6.Suitcase Blues03:05
7.Mountains of Madness04:31
8.Blue Sky Mind03:48
10.War Pigs (Black Sabbath Cover)08:25[view lyrics]
Total playing time57:34

1998 - The Electric Sleep

1.Virtual Machine05:49[view lyrics]
2.Velvet04:03[view lyrics]
3.Destiny's Rainbow03:21
4.Electric Sleep05:32[view lyrics]
5.Born In A Daze04:06[view lyrics]
6.Automaton04:08[view lyrics]
7.Savannah (Flights Of Ecstacy)06:35[view lyrics]
8.Saving Me From Myself03:44[view lyrics]
9.Oracle06:48[view lyrics]
10.Stardust09:39[view lyrics]
Total playing time53:45

1996 - Blue Sky Mind

1.Mountains of Madness05:21[view lyrics]
2.Blue Sky Mind03:45
4.Cosmic Overdrive02:41
5.Sea of Tomorrow03:56
7.The Gun It Jam08:04
8.Psycho Universe (live)03:31
10.Shining Path03:28
11.Dallas Tar02:57
12.The Everlasting04:13
13.Dreamer's Mind04:49
14.Lonely & Me04:16
16.Month of Sundays04:16
Total playing time35:39

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