lunes, 23 de junio de 2008

SIX MAGICS [Power Metal]

Pais: Chile , (Santiago)

Tiempo: 1996-Actualidad
Liricas Sobre: Fantasia y mitologia de Chiloe
Discografica: Underground Symphony
Web: SixMagics.Com

Formacion Actual:
Ely Vásquez - Vocals
Gabriel Hidalgo - Guitars (ex-Dethroner (Chl), ex-Witchblade (Chl))
Erick Avila - Guitars (Nasson)
Mauricio Nader - Bass (Hidalgo)
Pablo Stagnaro - Drums (ex-Southern Howl, Confesián, Pickblade, Hidalgo)

2008 - Behind the Sorrow (Single*)

1.Behind the sorrow

2003 - The Secrets of an Island

1.The Secrets01:22
2.Chaos and Fury03:57
3.Rising of the Island01:04
4.Chiloé, The creation05:22
5.Endless waiting01:43
6.Caleuche (The Flying Dutchman)04:29
7.Goddess Of The Seas04:58
8.Cradle Of Sorrow05:40
9.Brutal Sacrilege04:55
10.Trusted Steps In The Forest00:54
11.Trauco (Seed of pain)04:25
12.Slave of the Sky04:33
13.Hopeless Return01:11
14.Frozen Lips In The Night05:32
15.The Basilisk05:02
16....Another Night00:44
17.The Secrets Of An Island11:15
Total playing time01:03:46

2001 - Dead Kings of the Unholy Valley

1.Elizabeth VI01:26
3.Infinite Keeper04:42
4.Guardians of Fire06:27
6.Agony of a Hero06:59
7.Metal Century04:23
8.Fury and Hate... The Beginning00:26
9.Eternal Warrior05:02
10.Prince of Pure Light05:50
11.Dead Kings of the Unholy Valley12:48
Total playing time59:07

Pass: Heavy Metalero

2.Fuego Del Eterno Odio05:52
4.Lago De La Tristeza07:35
Total playing time26:17

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