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BEHERIT [Black Metal (1989-1993), Dark Ambient (1994-1995)]

Pais: Finlandia , (Rovaniemi)

Tiempo: 1989-1999
Liricas Sobre: Satanismo,anti-religion y ocultismo
Discografica: Spinefarm R.
Web: Spinefarm.Fi

Ultima Formacion:
Nuclear Holocausto (Marko Laiho) - Vocals, guitar, keyboards, programming (ex-Black Crucifixion, Goat Vulva, Suuri Shamaani, Pentagram)

1999 - Beast of Beherit - Complete Workxxx (Best Of*)

1.Beast of Damnation04:17
2.Hail Sathanas01:47
3.Fallen Souls02:55
4.Six Days With Lord Diabolus03:30
5.Nocturnal Evil02:44
6.Salomon's Gate03:38
7.Dead Inside06:10
8.Beyond Vision04:46
9.Paradise, of Thy Demonic Host02:58
10.War Command (Blasphemy cover)00:31
12.Grave Desecration01:59
14.Ghost of Death04:45
15.Black Arts (live)03:18
16.Werewolf, Semen and Blood (live)03:27
Total playing time53:31

1995 - Electric Doom Synthesis

2.We Worship01:26
3.Dead Inside06:10
4.Beyond Vision04:17
5.Deep Night 23rd07:08
6.Drawing Down the Moon02:56
8.Temple ov Lykos07:51
Total playing time45:29

1994 - H418ov21.C

1.The Gate of Inanna04:25
2.Tribal Death06:59
3.Emotional Ecstasy03:48
5.21st Century04:00
6.Paradise (Part II)03:38
7.Mystik Force06:55
8.Spirit of the God of Fire03:22
Total playing time39:39

1993 - Messe Des Morts (Ep*)

2.Satanic Chaos02:44
3.Seventh Blasphemy02:45
4.Messe des Morts02:57
Total playing time11:53

1993 - Drawing Down the Moon

1.Intro (Tireheb)00:44
2.Salomon's Gate03:42
3.Nocturnal Evil02:53
4.Sadomatic Rites04:07
5.Black Arts03:33
6.The Gate of Nanna04:15
7.Nuclear Girl01:32
8.Unholy Pagan Fire03:53
9.Down There...02:36
11.Werewolf, Semen and Blood03:08
12.Thou Angel of the Gods02:22
13.Lord of Shadows and Golden Wood03:23
Total playing time39:28

1991 - The Oath of Black Blood (Best Of*) Part1,Part2 & Part3

1.Intro: Temple00:57
2.Metal of Death00:54
3.The Oath of Black Blood02:41
4.Grave Desecration02:02
6.Goat Worship01:55
8.Black Mass Prayer01:15
9.Beast of Damnation04:07
10.Hail Sathanas01:47
11.Dawn of Satan's Millennium04:46
Total playing time25:59

1990 - Dawn of Satan's Millennium (Ep*)

1.Intro: Black Mass Prayer00:22
2.Beast of Damnation01:47
3.Hail Sathanas04:25
4.Dawn of Satan's Millennium04:46
Total playing time06:53

1990 - Demonomancy (Demo*)

1.Intro (Temple)01:51
2.Metal of Death02:40
3.The Oath of Black Blood02:00
4.Grave Desecration03:10
6.Goat Worship02:20
Total playing time18:51
1990 - Seventh Blasphemy (Demo*)

1.Intro: Invocation02:15
2.Seventh Blasphemy02:38
3.Penetrator Hammer00:57
4.Ghost of Death04:46
Total playing time10:36

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