jueves, 14 de agosto de 2008

NOCTURNUS [Technical Atmospheric Death Metal]

Pais: Estados Unidos , (Tampa,Florida)

Tiempo: 1987-Actualidad
Liricas Sobre: Anticristianismo,necronomicon,ocultismo y ciencia ficción
Discográfica: Season Of Mist
Web: ?

Formación Actual:
Mike Davis - Guitars
Sean McNenney - Guitars
Emo Mowery - Bass, Vocals (Leash Law, Tiwanaku, Malediction (UK))
Louis Panzer - Keyboards

2004 - The Nocturnus Demos (Best Of*)

2.Standing in Blood05:19
4.Undead Journey04:50
7.Unholy Fury06:24
8.The Entity03:23
Total playing time41:33

2000 - Ethereal Tomb

1.Orbital Decay04:54
2.Apostle of Evil04:09
3.Edge of Darkness04:52
4.The Killing05:25
5.Search for the Trident07:40
6.Paranormal States04:10
7.The Science of Horror06:47
8.Outland (Instrumental)04:18
Total playing time42:15

1993 - Nocturnus (Ep*)

1.Possess The Priest06:03
Total playing time10:33

1992 - Thresholds

1.Climate Controller07:51
2.Tribal Vodoun05:18
3.Nocturne in Bm (Instrumental)02:51
4.Arctic Crypt04:19
6.Subterranean Infiltrator05:36
7.Alter Reality04:28
Total playing time43:47

1990 - The Key Part1 & Part2

1.Lake of Fire05:04
2.Standing in Blood04:20
3.Visions from Beyond the Grave04:09
5.Before Christ/After Death04:57
6.Andromeda Strain03:42
7.Droid Sector04:21
8.Destroying the Manger06:09
9.Empire of the Sands06:27
Total playing time44:00

1988 - The Science of Horror (Demo*)

1.Before Christ / After Death05:57
2.Standing in Blood04:54
4.Undead Journey04:29
Total playing time20:30

1987 - Nocturnus (Demo*)

3.The Entity03:24
4.Unholy Fury06:24
Total playing time19:20

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