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ENID [Symphonic Black Metal with medieval influences]

Pais: Alemania , (P.Wesfalica,North Rhine-Westphalia)

Tiempo: 1997-Actualidad
Liricas Sobre: Fantasia
Discografica: Code666
Web: Enid.De

Formacion Actual:
Martin Wiese - vocals, choirs, synths, programming, piano, flute.
Florian ``Alboîn Goldmund`` Dammasch - guitars (Geist, Eismalsott, Lantlôs, Inarborat, Funeral Procession)

2004 - Gradwanderer

2.An Ode To The Forlorn07:10
3.Silent Strage04:35
5.Die Seelensteine15:49
6.When The Last Glow Flies05:10
8.The Burning Of The Sea08:30
Total playing time01:02:30

2002 - Seelenspiegel

2.Land of the Lost05:08
4.Patience's Ring06:42
6.The Forbidden Site06:58
7.And Soon Will Fall the Days06:03
9.Helios' Niedergang07:56
Total playing time42:36

2001 - Der Tag zur Nacht sich senkt� (Ep*)

1.Darkness Closing In (Side A)02:35
2.Der Tag Zur Nacht Sich Senkt� (Side A)08:30
3.Sturmritt (Side B)08:56
4.Crush Of Death (Side B) (Mayhem Cover)03:24
Total playing time23:25

2000 - Abschiedsreigen

2.Chapter Two: Weg der Weisung05:34
3.Chapter Three: Reverie of youth in spheres of dream07:32
4.Chapter Four: Meer der Einsamkeit05:36
5.Chapter Five: Zug der vergessenen Reiter08:13
6.Chapter Six: Bondage's Coronation06:11
7.Chapter Seven: Herbststurm03:56
8.Final Chapter: Whispering of good-bye05:29
Total playing time49:44

1999 - Nachtgedanken
Pass: metalarea

1.Silentium Obscuritate01:08
2.Institutio Immortales08:26
3.Of wisdom shadows06:13
6.Art of the blacksmith04:23
Total playing time45:25

1997 - Enid (Demo*)

1.Satan And Candida (Intro)01:54
2.An Myrrddhin06:06
4.Enid (Instrumental)05:47
5.Nahe Avalon (Summoning cover - "Passing Of The Grey Company")09:25
Total playing time30:01

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