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Pais: Italia

Tiempo: 1998-Actualidad
Liricas Sobre: Religion y vida
Discográfica: Frontiers R.
Web: VisionDivine.Com

Formación Actual:
Fabio Lione - Vocals (Rhapsody of Fire, Labyrinth (Ita), Athena (Ita))
Carlo Andrea Magnani (Olaf Thorsen) - Guitars (Labyrinth (Ita), Eddy Antonini)
Federico Puleri - Guitar (Essence (Ita), Seven Gates (Ita), guest in Vexillum (Ita))
Cristiano Bertocchi - Bass (Labyrinth (Ita))
Alessio "Tom" Lucatti - Keyboards (Etherna (Ita), guest in Vexillum (Ita))
Alessandro "Bix" Bissa - Drums (Silent Victory, Scream (Ita), Bad Faith)

2009 - 9 Degrees West of the Moon

1.Letter to My Child Never Born08:56
2.Violet Loneliness04:42
3.Fading Shadow05:20
4.Angels in Disguise05:16
5.The Killing Speed of Time04:50
6.The Streets of Laudomia05:50
8.Out in Open Space05:08
9.9 Degrees West of the Moon03:56
10.A Touch of Evil05:48
11.Fading Shadow (demo version) (bonus track)05:17
Total playing time59:56

2007 - The 25th Hour

1.My Angel Died00:53
2.The 25th Hour05:34
3.Out of a Distant Night (Voices)05:29
4.Alpha & Omega05:49
5.Eyes of a Child04:59
6.The Daemon you Hide04:50
7.Waiting for the Dawn01:48
8.Essence of Time04:43
9.A Perfect Suicide05:21
10.Heaven Calling03:39
Total playing time45:14

2005 - The Perfect Machine

1.The Perfect Machine07:58
2.First Day of a Never-Ending Day06:13
3.The Ancestor's Blood05:53
4.Land of Fear04:25
5.God is Dead05:21
6.Rising Sun05:23
7.Here in 604806:32
8.The River04:29
9.Now That You've Gone05:59
10.The Needle Lies (Queensryche cover, Bonus Track for Japan only)05:22
Total playing time53:09

2004 - Stream Of Consciousness

1.Chapter I: Stream of Unconsciousness00:59
2.Chapter II: Secret of Life05:09
3.Chapter III: Colours of My World07:25
4.Chapter IV: In the Light01:23
5.Chapter V: The Fallen Feather05:50
6.Chapter VI: La Vita Fugge04:50
7.Chapter VII: Versions of the Same04:38
8.Chapter VIII: Through the Eyes of God04:31
9.Chapter IX: Shades05:27
10.Chapter X: We Are, We Are Not05:35
11.Chapter XI: Fool's Garden01:59
12.Chapter XII: The Fall of Reason01:50
13.Chapter XIII: Out of the Maze06:28
14.Chapter XIV: Identities...05:36
Total playing time01:01:40

2002 - Send Me An Angel

2.Send Me an Angel04:10
4.Away From You04:21
5.Black & White04:21
6.The Call04:08
7.Taste of a Goodbye03:37
8.Apocalypse Coming04:14
10.Flame of Hate04:42
11.Take on Me (a-ha cover)03:45
Total playing time43:15

1999 - Vision Divine

1.New Eden04:03
2.On the Wings of the Storm04:40
3.Black Mask of Fear04:38
5.The Whisper06:03
6.Forgotten Worlds04:18
7.Vision Divine05:03
8.The Final Countdown (Europe cover)05:06
9.The Miracle06:20
10.Forever Young05:01
11.Of Light and Darkness06:12
Total playing time56:25


2003 - Colours Of My World (Demo*)
1.Eagle Fly Free

2.Colours Of My World

3.La Vitta Fugge

4.Version Of The Same


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