domingo, 20 de abril de 2008


Pais: Inglaterra (London)

Tiempo: 2001-Actualidad
Liricas Sobre: Armagedon,nuevo mundo,cuentos/fantasia y dragones
Discografica: Noise R./Roadrunners
Web: Dragonforce.Com

Formacion Actual:
ZP Theart - Vocals (Shadow Warriors)
Herman Li - Guitar (ex-Demoniac (Nzl), ex-Igor Belsky)
Sam Totman - Guitar (ex-Demoniac (Nzl), ex-Power Quest, Shadow Warriors)
Vadim Pruzhanov - Keyboards
Frédéric Leclercq - Bass, Harsh Vocals (ex-Carnival in Coal, ex-Heavenly, Maladaptive, ex-Memoria (Fra), Denied (Fra))
Dave Mackintosh - Drums (ex-Bal-Sagoth)

2008 - Ultra Beatdown

1.Heroes of Our Times07:14
2.The Fire Still Burns07:50
3.Reasons to Live06:26
4.Heartbreak Armageddon07:41
5.The Last Journey Home08:12
6.A Flame for Freedom05:20
7.Inside the Winter Storm08:12
8.The Warrior Inside07:15
Total playing time58:10

1.Through the Fire and Flames07:24
2.Revolution Deathsquad07:52
3.Storming the Burning Fields05:19
4.Operation Ground and Pound07:44
5.Body Breakdown06:58
6.Cry for Eternity08:12
7.The Flame of Youth06:41
8.Trail of Broken Hearts05:56
Total playing time56:11

2004 - Sonic Firestorm
Pass: maxius

1.My Spirit Will Go On07:54
2.Fury of the Storm06:46
3.Fields of Despair05:25
4.Dawn Over a New World05:13
5.Above the Winter Moonlight07:31
6.Soldiers of the Wasteland09:45
7.Prepare for War06:15
8.Once in a Lifetime07:46
Total playing time56:35


1.Invocation of Apocalyptic Evil00:13
2.Valley of the Damned06:55
3.Black Fire05:46
4.Black Winter Night06:19
6.Disciples of Babylon07:06
8.Evening Star06:39
9.Heart of a Dragon05:26
Total playing time51:44

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