jueves, 21 de agosto de 2008

KILLER [Traditional Heavy Metal]

Pais: Belgica , (Antwerpen)

Tiempo: 1980-Actualidad
Liricas Sobre: Fantasia,guerra y asesinatos
Discográfica: Mausoleum R.
Web: User.Pandora.Be

Formación Actual:
Shorty (Paul Van Camp) - Vocals, Guitars (Van Camp)
Ken Van Steenbergen - Bass (Soulsteeler)
Vanne (Ivan Opdebeeck) - Drums (Between Worlds, Xironix, Detroit (Bel))
Dave - Keyboards

2005 - Immortal Part1 & Part2

2.Frozen Fire - Burning Ice03:39
3.Stone Cold05:17
4.The Mirror06:34
5.Queen of the Future04:32
6.Highland Glory06:08
7.Touch of Evil05:13
8.Drifting Away03:07
9.Easy Rider04:19
10.Always and Forever05:39
11.Liquid Shadows07:12
12.Ad Tempus Vitae05:44
Total playing time01:02:45

2003 - Broken Silence Part1 & Part2

1.Broken Silence07:07
2.Crash And Burn06:31
3.Time Machine05:05
4.Dancing with the Devil05:35
5.In The Land of the Pharaoh07:19
6.High in the Mountains04:34
7.The Answer07:22
8.Only the Strong Survive05:13
9.Hear Me Calling05:26
10.A Matter of Time05:15
11.The Run of the Chupacabra06:47
12.Lethal Virus04:41
Total playing time01:10:55

1990 - Fatal Attraction Part1 & Part2

1.Middle Ages03:48
2.Fatal Attraction03:56
3.Break Down the Wall03:42
4.Steel Meets Steel05:21
5.Kick Down on Your Ass03:34
6.Lift Me Up04:47
7.Highway Killers03:38
9.Evil on the Road03:37
10.I'm on Fire05:23
Total playing time41:55

1984 - Shock Waves

1.Shock Waves04:07
3.In the Name of the Law06:05
4.King Kong06:34
5.Blood on the Chains04:46
6.Richter Scale 1203:59
7.In the Eyes of My Gun06:17
Total playing time44:46

1981 - Wall of Sound

1.Wall of Sound03:56
2.Battle Scars04:26
4.No Future05:59
5.Bodies and Bones06:35
6.Maybe Our Interests Are the Same03:10
Total playing time38:13

1.Ready for Hell03:51
3.Secret Love05:02
4.I Know04:48
5.Rock and Roll Fan03:00
7.Laws Are Made to Break02:59
8.It's Too Late04:18
9.Dressed to Kill03:41
Total playing time35:44

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