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SPIRITUAL BEGGARS [Stoner, Retro, Groove]

Pais: Suecia , (Halmstad)

Tiempo: 1992-Actualidad
Liricas Sobre: La vida simple,buenos tiempos y tiempos dificiles
Discografica: InsideOut Music
Web: SpiritualBeggars.Com

Formacion Actual:
Michael Amott - Guitars (Arch Enemy, Carcass, ex-Carnage (Swe), ex-Candlemass, ex-Armageddon (Swe))
Janne ``JB`` Christoffersson - Vocals (Grand Magus)
Sharlee D'Angelo - Bass (Mercyful Fate, Witchery (Swe), Arch Enemy, ex-Sinergy, ex-Dismember, Facelift, Illwill)
Per Wiberg - Keyboards (Opeth)
Ludwig Witt - Drums (ex-Shining (Swe), Firebird)

2005 - Demons

1.Inner Strength01:19
2.Throwing Your Life Away03:32
3.Salt in Your Wounds03:20
4.One Man Army03:57
5.Through the Halls05:09
6.Treading Water03:33
7.Dying Every Day05:45
8.Born to Die04:34
9.Born to Die (Reprise)01:22
10.In My Blood04:13
12.Sleeping With One Eye Open03:44
13.No One Heard05:02
Total playing time49:04

2002 - On Fire

1.Street Fighting Saviours04:22
2.Young Man, Old Soul03:17
3.Killing Time03:36
4.Fools Gold04:01
5.Black Feathers06:29
6.Beneath the Skin03:51
7.Fejee Mermaid01:58
8.Dance of the Dragon King03:04
9.Tall Tales04:27
10.The Lunatic Fringe05:18
11.Look Back05:26
Total playing time45:49

2001 - It's Over (Split*)

Spiritual Beggars
1.It's Over

Grand Magus
2.Twlight Train

2000 - Ad Astra

1.Left Brain Ambassadors03:19
2.Wonderful World04:03
4.Angel Of Betrayal03:42
6.Per Aspera Ad Astra04:11
7.Save Your Soul03:58
8.Until The Morning06:04
9.Escaping The Fools05:24
10.On Dark Rivers05:35
11.The Goddess03:17
Total playing time54:20

1998 - Mantra III

1.Homage To The Betrayed03:02
2.Monster Astronauts03:41
4.Broken Morning02:26
5.Lack Of Prozac05:33
7.Bad Karma04:03
8.Send Me A Smile06:23
9.Cosmic Romance02:54
10.Inside Charmer04:38
11.Sad Queen Boogie04:53
12.Mushroom Tea Girl08:24
Total playing time53:35

1996 - Another Way To Shine

1.Magic Spell05:03
2.Blind Mountain04:41
3.Misty Valley06:47
4.Picking From The Box04:20
5.Nowhere To Go06:24
6.Entering Into Peace06:07
7.Sour Stains05:50
8.Another Way To Shine04:54
9.Past The Sound Of Whispers05:57
Total playing time50:03

1.Yearly Dying03:56
3.The Space Inbetween03:57
4.If This Is All04:46
5.Under Silence03:59
6.Magnificent Obsession09:11
Total playing time30:01

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