martes, 20 de noviembre de 2007

MEGADETH [Thrash Metal (1983-1992), Heavy Metal (1994-presente)]

Pais: Estados Unidos

2007 - Warchest cd1 , cd2 , cd3 & cd4

2007 - That One Night: Live In Buenos Aires cd1 & cd2

2007 - United Abominations part 1 & part 2

2002 - Still,Alive...And Well

1994 - Youthnasia

1993 - MegaBox

1984-04-18 Berkley,CA

1986 New York,NY

1986-08-03 Minneapolis,MN

1986-08-05 Denver,CO

1988-04-18 Toronto,ON

1990-10-14 London,England

1990-12-07 Worcester, MA

1990 Stockholm,Sweeden

1991-02-21 Osaka,Japan

1992-09-30 London,England

1993 Europe

1994-10-31 New York,NY

1995-09-09 Argentina (Monsters Of Rock)

1997-07-28 Bergum,Holland

2 comentarios:

michael_demonio dijo...

thank you, very complete discography
this band rules... and you too guys

Anónimo dijo...

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