viernes, 18 de abril de 2008

EBONY ARK [Power/Progressive Metal]

Pais: España , (Madrid)

Tiempo: 2002-Actualidad
Liricas Sobre: Innercia
Discografica: Ascendance R.
Web: EbonyArk.Com

Formacion Actual:
Beatriz Albert - Vocals (guest in Dark Moor)
Rubén Villanueva - Guitars
Javier Jiménez - Guitars
Daniel Melián - Bass (ex-Rancor (Esp))
Iván Ramirez - Drums (ex-Red Wine, ex-Battle Arena)
Diego de Francisco - Keyboards

2008 - When The City Is Quiet

1.If Only04:45
3.So Close So Far05:06
4.Endless Road04:41
6.True Friendship Never Dies03:57
7.We're Here Now04:20
9.For You03:53
10.Enough Is Enough03:28
11.Out In The Cold03:58
12.When The City Is Quiet06:52
13.A Merced De La Lluvia03:24
Total playing time56:40

2006 - Decoder 2.0

1.In Our Memories

2.Dead Man's Lives

3.Damned By the Past

4.Thorn of Ice

5.Night's Cold Symphony



8.Humans Or Beasts

9.Dreaming Silence

10.Searching For an Answer

11.Ball and Chain

12.A Merced de la Eluvia

2004 - Decoder

1.In our Memories01:10
2.Dead Men's Live05:28
3.Damned by the Past04:28
4.Thorn of Ice05:00
5.Night's Cold Symphony04:59
8.Humans or Beasts05:37
9.Searching for an Answer03:28
10.Dreaming Silence05:02
11.Ball and Chain05:20
Total playing time53:02

2004 - Ebony Ark (Demo*)

1.Open The Ark (Overture)01:34
2.Night's Cold Symphony04:54
3.Stones In the Way03:45
5.Dreaming Silence05:47
6.What a Feeling (Irene Cara cover - Flashdance movie)04:02
Total playing time25:43

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