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CONCERTO MOON [Melodic/Neo-Classical Metal]

Pais: Japon , (Kagawa)

Tiempo: 1996-Actualidad
Liricas Sobre: Naturaleza,universo,vida
Discografica: VAP
Web: MySpace.Com

Formacion Actual:
Takashi Inoue - Vocals (Blood IV)
Norifumi Shima - Guitar (Double Dealer, Crystal Clear, Dion)
Toshiyuki Koike - Keyboard (Double Dealer)
Masayuki Osada - Drums (Blood IV, Crystal Clear)
Takanobu Kimoto - Bass (Double Dealer, Precious, Burny Project)

2004 - After the Double Cross

Disc 1
1.30 Min. in the Darkness05:54
2.Waiting for a Miracle04:20
3.Find the Key06:01
4.Found in This City04:44
5.The Gladiator05:56
6.Fall Down05:42
7.Where Are You?06:06
8.Puppet in the Mirror04:14
9.Tell Everything03:51
10.Concerto Moon05:14
Disc 2
1.Smooth Dancer (Deep Purple)04:05
2.Point of Know Return (Kansas)03:05
3.Hiroshima mon Amour (Alcatrazz)03:53
4.Too Much Love Will Kill You (Brian May)04:42
5.I Surrender (Rainbow)05:46
Total playing time01:13:33

2004 - Concerto Moon (Ep*)

1.Concerto Moon05:15
2.Target in the Spider's Web04:44
3.Silent Rage (Instrumental)03:55
4.Spread Despair04:32
5.Like a Beast04:38
Total playing time23:04

2003 - Life On The Wire

2.It's Not Over05:09
3.We Get Together04:31
4.Stand by the Window05:31
5.Climb Up05:04
6.Eye for an Eye02:23
7.Guard You Close04:18
8.No Problem05:06
9.The Answer04:36
10.Cheeting Fortune Teller04:23
11.When Time Runs Out05:27
12.Glorious Death04:39
13.It's Not Over (guitar extended version) (bonus track)06:23
Total playing time01:02:48

2001 - Gate Of Triumph

1.Waiting for the Coming Strike01:22
2.To Die For05:42
3.Over and Over05:20
4.Gate of Triumph04:46
5.Tears of the Prayers05:52
6.Ambitions and Lies04:11
7.To Always Be Myself06:45
9.Everlasting Nightmare09:57
10.Alone in Paradise '0104:47
11.Take You to the Moon '0104:39
Total playing time56:03

2001 - Rain Forest

2.Time to Die05:17
3.Lonely Last Journey05:54
4.Fight to the Death05:55
5.Half Way to the Sun05:50
6.Rain Forest06:53
7.Unstill Night07:17
8.Live on the Memory06:05
9.Victim of Desire04:15
10.Picture of an Old Man05:19
11.Break It Down04:59
12.Time to Die (extended version) (bonus)06:21
13.King of the Judas (bonus)05:18
14.Waltz for Masquerade (bonus)04:18
Total playing time01:15:03

2001 - The End of the Beginning

1.Time to Die06:04
2.Fight to the Death05:52
3.King of the Judas05:16
4.Lonely Last Journey06:35
5.Victim of Desire05:02
6.Alone in Paradise06:10
7.From Father to Son05:31
8.Take You to the Moon05:08
10.Unstill Night08:00
11.When the Moon Cries04:52
12.Norman Island02:23
13.When the Moon Cries (off vocal)04:48
Total playing time01:13:38

2000 - From Father To Son

1.Dream Chaser05:13
3.Moonlight After the Rain05:45
4.Inside Story05:13
5.One and Only06:59
6.From Father to Son05:13
7.Somewhere in Time05:40
8.The Last Betting04:56
9.Into the Fire07:31
10.Change My Heart07:16
Total playing time58:34

1.Alone in Paradise05:55
2.Run to the Sky06:00
3.Cry for Freedom04:49
4.Holy Child07:16
5.Hold On (To Feeling)05:55
6.Midwinter Night06:07
7.Over the Century08:55
8.Take You to the Moon04:43
9.The Last Betting (live)04:56
10.One and Only (live)08:30
11.Into the Fire (live)07:30
Total playing time01:10:36

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Gerakazu dijo...

Hermano te manchaste con esta aportación, yo la tengo hace tiempo y de hecho solo te falto el Destruction And Creation, pero esta colección es tremenda, y si los que los ven no los descargan se pierden de mucho, sobre todo el Rain Forest y el Gate Of Triumph, conseguir un original es una chinga, disfruten la musica de verdad, Metal Is Forever!!!