sábado, 11 de octubre de 2008

TRISTITIA [Doom Metal]

Pais: Suecia , (Halmstad)

Tiempo: 1992-Actualidad
Liricas Sobre: Oscuridad,muerte,horror,anticristianismo y greif
Discográfica: Holy R.
Web: Geocites.Com

Formación Actual:
Thomas Karlsson - Vocals (Autopsy Torment, Devil Lee Rot, Helotry, Pagan Rites)
Luis B. Galvez - Guitars, Bass, Keyboard (Gardeniathan, Helotry, Pagan Rites)
Wilhelm - Bass
Thomas Hedlund - Drums (Autopsy Torment)

2002 - Garden of Darkness

1.The Entrance02:09
2.Beholders Tears06:19
3.Black Godz Serenade Part I01:34
4.As Death Says Mine13:13
5.When Tears Cry11:58
6.Beyond The 7th Valley01:43
7.There Will Never Be Another Dawn10:20
8.Black Godz Serenade Part II01:56
9.Tears Of The Moon09:07
Total playing time58:19

2000 - The Last Grief

1.Once Upon A Dawn...02:12
2.In The Light Of The Moon01:47
5.Golden Goddess Of Fire07:57
6.Tears & Tequila01:45
7.Angelwitches Palace07:33
8.Memory's Garden01:36
9.Instrumental Hollowcoast04:37
11.Under The Cross05:09
12.Darknia: The Last Grief06:46
Total playing time48:18

1997 - Crucidiction

1.Ego Sum Resurrectio02:08
2.Christianic Indulgence06:50
5.Envy The Dead04:48
6.Lioness' Roar04:53
7.Mark My Words06:34
9.Final Lament07:06
Total playing time48:57

1995 - One With Darkness

2.Kiss The Cross05:55
3.One With Darkness06:16
4.Winds Of Sacrifice05:09
5.Burn The Witch02:48
6.Hymn Of Lunacy03:33
7.Ashes Of The Witch05:44
8.Dancing Souls05:13
9.Adagio 180904:15
10.Reminiscences Of The Mourner07:53
11.Dance Of The Selenites06:34
Total playing time55:06

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