jueves, 13 de marzo de 2008

CHAOS MOON [Black Funeral Doom (early) - Black Metal (now)]

Pais: Estados Unidos , (Nashville,Tennessee)

Tiempo: 2004-Actualidad
Liricas Sobre: Enfermedades mentales,plagas y temas oscuros
Discográfica: Wraith P./Arc Magna Recs
Web: MySpace

Formación Actual:
Esoterica (Void) - Everything + Live Guitars (Coffin (US), Ringar, Troglodytic, In Ruins (US), Heimnar, Manetheren)
Jack Blackburn - Drums (Enfold Darkness, Soul Reclusion)

Session Live Members:
Lucifierium (In Ruins (US)) - Vocals
Steve Blackburn - Live Guitar (ex-Imbrued Deceit, In Ruins (US), Heimnar, Accursed Aeons)
J. Turk - Bass

Banda que ademas cuenta con 2 eps anteriores.

2007 - Origin of Apparition

1.Illusions Of Dusk And Dawn04:58
2.Aether Aurora03:35
4.Pale Cast Of Thought04:08
5.And So Are The Words That Never Made It I07:24
6.And So Are The Words That Never Made It II07:59
7.Intro, Timeless Disease03:13
8.Origin Of Apparition05:03
9.Outro, Endless Asphyxia07:50
Total playing time48:35

1.De Mortalitate05:38
2.Abstract Tongues04:12
4.Simulacrum Of Mirrors14:17
5.The Palterer07:13
6.Hymn To Iniquity09:44
7.Countless Reverie In Mare12:39
Total playing time57:10

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