jueves, 1 de mayo de 2008

BRUTALITY [Death Metal]

Pais: Estados Unidos , (Tampa,Florida)

Tiempo: 1986-Actualidad
Liricas Sobre: Desesperacion,preguntas religiosas y el fin del mundo
Discografica: ?
Web: MySpace.Com

Formacion Actual:
Jeff Acres - Bass/Vocals
Demian Heftel - Guitar (Astaroth (US), Contorted, After Death (US))
Scott Reigel - Vocals
Jay Fernandez - Guitar (ex-Monstrosity (US))

2003 - Demo 2003

1.As Darkness Falls

2.I Deny

3.Ashes and Snow

1996 - In Mourning

2.The Past05:16
3.Destroyed by Society03:36
4.Waiting to Be Devoured04:19
5.Died with Open Eyes05:28
6.In Mourning05:33
7.Subjected to Torture08:14
8.Calculated Bloodshed04:19
Total playing time47:25

1994 - When The Sky Turns Black

1.When the Sky Turns Black03:48
2.Race Defects04:46
4.Electric Funeral (Black Sabbath cover)04:57
5.Foul Lair05:54
6.Screams of Anguish04:09
8.Artistic Butchery05:05
9.Violent Generation04:15
10.Shrine of the Master04:37
Total playing time42:02

1993 - Screams Of Anguish

1.These Walls Shall Be Your Grave04:36
2.Ceremonial Unearthing02:52
4.Septicemic Plague03:47
6.Spirit World03:17
7.Exposed to the Elements04:47
8.Cries of the Forsaken06:18
10.Spawned Illusion05:57
Total playing time45:24

1989 - Dimension Demented (Demo*)

1.Dimension Demented03:27
2.Hell on Earth03:12
3.Lust for Sex02:11
5.My First Night03:47
6.Narcoticous Addictious03:33
7.Frozen Amputee02:40
8.World War III03:18
Total playing time24:34

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