viernes, 12 de septiembre de 2008

THRONEAEON [Brutal Death Metal]

Pais: Suecia , (Västeras)

Tiempo: 1991-2003(Cambio de nombre)
Liricas Sobre: Blasfemia y anti-cristianismo
Discográfica: Forensick Music
Web: Godhate.Com

Tony Freed - Vocals, Guitar
Jens Klovengård - Guitar (Abhoth)
Claes Ramberg - Bass
Roger Sundquist - Drums

2003 - Godhate

2.Heading Inwards03:50
3.In Loathing (For Your God)03:58
4.To Forever Be04:15
5.Laid To Waste03:35
6.Genocide In Grace04:09
7.Divine Soul03:07
9.On The Highest Throne03:14
Total playing time34:54

2001 - Neither Of Gods

1.Neither Of Gods03:24
2.Thru Sinfulness04:00
3.Above The Aware03:25
4.In All And Nothing03:47
5.Seven In Heaven, Seven On Earth04:04
6.Blackened To Be03:54
7.The Serpent Unfolds03:04
8.Strength Of The Flesh04:13
9.From On High03:10
10.Enemys Of Thy God03:50
12.As It Has Come To End04:33
Total playing time41:48

1.Despise For God03:54
2.Sardonic Wrath04:43
3.Blasphemous Prediction02:33
4.Entwined To The Lies Of The Light05:08
Total playing time16:18

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