miércoles, 17 de junio de 2009

DARKMOON [Black Metal]

Pais: Estados Unidos, (Charlotte,Carolina Del Norte)

Tiempo: 1997-2001
Liricas Sobre: Batallas,anticristianismo y fantasia
Discografica: Tribunal R.

Ultima Formacion:
Jon Vesano - Guitar, Vocals, Keyboard (Nile, Demonic Christ)
Chuck Brummond - Guitar (Wehrwolfe, Invid)
Devon - Bass, Vocals (Wehrwolfe, Demonic Christ)
Scott Pletcher - Drums (Demonic Christ, ChainGunn, Wehrwolfe)

1999 - Seas Of Unrest

1.From The Moon's Mist We Arise07:04
2.Writhing Glory05:19
3.Immaculate Bloodline08:36
4.Wolf Cry02:05
5.Spirits In My Eyes06:29
6.Tear Soaked Ground06:01
7.Vengeance For Withered Hearts05:03
9.Kings Enthroned Upon Ashes07:36
10.March Of The Ancients02:13
Total playing time51:05

1998 - Vengeance For Withered Hearts

1.King Enthroned Upon Ashes09:19
2.Vengeance For Withered Hearts05:29
3.From The Moons Mist We Arise07:02
4.Wolf Cry02:23
5.Writhing Glory06:15
6.Ceremonies Of Flesh Divine07:19
7.Spirits In My Eyes06:32
Total playing time44:19