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CHILDREN OF BODOM [Melodic Death/Power Metal]

Pais: Finlandia , (Espoo)

Tiempo: 1997 - Actualidad
Liricas Sobre: Muerte,odio,el lago Bodom y luchas personales
Discográfica: Spinefarm R.
Web: COBCH.Com

Formación Actual:
Wildchild (Alexi Laiho) - Vocals, Guitar. (1997 - ) (Impaled Nazarene, Kylähullut, Sinergy, Thy Serpent, Warmen, Godsplague)
Roope Latvala - Guitar. (2003 - ) (Dementia (Fin), Latvala Bros, Nomicon, Sinergy, Stone, Walhalla (Fin), Waltari, Soulgrind (Fin), Warmen, Shaman (Fin))
Warman (Janne Wirman) - Keyboards. (1997 - ) (Kotipelto, Masterplan, Warmen, Ari Koivunen)
Blacksmith (Henkka T.Seppälä) - Bass. (1997 - ) (Aivokasvain)
Jaska W. Raatikainen - Drums. (1997 - ) (Evemaster, Gashouse Garden, Virtuocity)

2008 - Hellhounds On My Trail (Ep*)
pass: LordDarkness

1.Hellhounds On My Trail (edit)03:46
2.Bed Of Nails (Alice Cooper cover)03:59
3.Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In) (Kenny Rogers cover)02:41
4.In Your Face (Live in London, Astoria, March 08)04:24
5.Hate Me! (Live in London, Astoria, March 08)04:41
6.Angels Don't Kill (Live in London, Astoria, March 08)05:53
Total playing time25:24

2008 - Blooddrunk

1.Hellhounds On My Trail03:58
4.One Day You Will Cry04:05
5.Smile Pretty For The Devil03:54
6.Tie My Rope04:14
7.Done With Everything, Die For Nothing03:29
8.Banned From Heaven05:05
9.Roadkill Morning03:32
Total playing time36:46

2006 - Chaos Ridden Years (Live*)

Disc 1
1.Living Dead Beat04:51
3.Silent Night, Bodom Night03:40
4.Hate Me!05:36
5.We're Not Gonna Fall03:54
6.Angels Don't Kill05:15
7.Deadbeat I04:46
8.Bodom After Midnight / Bodom Beach Terror (Medley)08:38
9.Follow the Reaper05:28
Disc 2
1.Needled 24/704:27
2.Clash of the Booze Brothers07:35
3.In Your Face05:32
4.Hate Crew Deathroll06:02
5.Are You Dead Yet?04:40
6.Latvala (Guitar Solo)01:21
7.Lake Bodom04:38
8.Everytime I Die05:23
Total playing time01:34:31

2005 - Are You Dead Yet?

1.Living Dead Beat05:03
2.Are You Dead Yet?03:56
3.If You Want Peace... Prepare for War03:57
4.Punch Me I Bleed04:51
5.In Your Face04:12
6.Next in Line04:19
7.Bastards of Bodom03:25
8.Trashed, Lost & Strungout04:02
9.We're Not Gonna Fall03:17
Total playing time37:24

2003 - Hate Crew Deathroll

1.Needled 24/704:08
3.Chokehold (Cocked 'n' Loaded)04:13
4.Bodom Beach Terror04:35
5.Angels Don't Kill05:13
6.Triple Corpse Hammerblow04:07
7.You're Better Off Dead04:12
8.Lil' Bloodred Ridin' Hood03:24
9.Hate Crew Deathroll03:37
Total playing time36:53

2001 - Follow the Reaper

1.Follow the Reaper03:47
2.Bodom After Midnight03:44
3.Children of Decadence05:34
4.Everytime I Die04:03
5.Mask of Sanity03:59
6.Taste of My Scythe03:58
7.Hate Me!04:45
8.Northern Comfort03:49
9.Kissing the Shadows04:32
Total playing time38:56

1999 - Tokyo Warhearts (Live*)

2.Silent Night, Bodom Night03:24
3.Lake Bodom04:08
5.Bed of Razors04:35
6.War of Razors (Solo Battles)02:11
7.Deadnight Warrior03:32
9.Touch Like Angel of Death05:53
11.Towards Dead End06:11
Total playing time44:44

1999 - Hatebreeder

2.Silent Night, Bodom Night03:12
4.Bed of Razors03:56
5.Towards Dead End04:54
6.Black Widow03:58
7.Wrath Within03:54
8.Children of Bodom05:14
Total playing time38:10

1.Deadnight Warrior03:21
2.In the Shadows06:02
3.Red Light in My Eyes, Part 104:28
4.Red Light in My Eyes, Part 203:50
5.Lake Bodom04:02
6.The Nail06:17
7.Touch Like Angel of Death07:57
Total playing time31:58

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