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TAROT [Heavy Metal]

Pais: Finlandia , (Kuopio)

Tiempo: 1985-Actualidad
Liricas Sobre: Dolor,corrupcion y fantasia
Discografica: Nuclear Blast
Web: WingsOfDarkness.Net

Formación Actual:
Marko 'Marco' Hietala - Vocals, Bass (1985-) (Nightwish, Sinergy, Aina, Delain, Warmath, Northern Kings)
Sakari 'Zachary' Hietala - Guitars (1985-)
Pecu Cinnari - Drums (1985-)
Janne Tolsa - Keyboards (1988-) (Eternal Tears of Sorrow, Twisted Silence, Virtuocity, Warmath, Turmion Kätilöt)
Tommi "Tuple" Salmela - Backing Vocals, Sampler (1995-) (Cardiant, Mess, Thunderstone)

2008 - Undead Indeed (Live Album*)
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Disc 1
1.Crows Fly Black07:42
3.Pyre Of Gods04:51
4.Wings Of Darkness04:23
5.Back In The Fire06:38
7.Bleeding Dust05:05
8.Veteran Of The Psychic Wars05:38
9.Angels Of Pain04:32
Disc 2 Part1 & Part2
1.Follow Me Into Madness07:45
2.Before The Skies Come Down04:34
3.Ashes To The Stars07:41
4.Undead Son04:44
7.Rider Of The Last Day04:08
8.I Rule07:48
9.Guardian Angel (Bonus Track)04:14
10.Things That Crawl At Night (Bonus Track)05:56
Total playing time01:52:51

2006 - Crows Fly Black
pass: http://courseofdarkness.blogspot.com/

1.Crows Fly Black06:31
3.Ashes to the Stars05:25
4.Messenger of Gods04:23
5.Before the Skies Come Down04:06
7.Bleeding Dust04:18
Total playing time46:49

2003 - Suffer Our Pleasures

1.I Rule03:49
2.Pyre of Gods04:33
3.Rider of the Last Day06:47
4.Follow the Blind04:33
5.Undead Son04:04
6.Of Time and Dust05:55
7.From the Void05:01
9.From the Shadows04:19
Total playing time47:57

1998 - For the Glory of Nothing
pass: http://courseofdarkness.blogspot.com/

3.I'm Here03:56
4.Shining Black07:03
5.Beyond Troy05:37
6.Dark Star Burning04:25
7.The Scourger04:40
8.Ghosts of Me05:28
9.The Punishment04:01
Total playing time51:35

1995 - Stigmata

Disc 1
1.Angels of Pain03:55
2.E. T. I.07:08
3.Shades in Glass04:23
4.As One05:15
5.State of Grace06:07
6.Race the Light04:28
7.Expected to Heal05:53
9.The Teeth05:16
10.Stigmata (I Feel for You)08:20
Disc 2
1.Live Hard Die Hard04:47
2.Iron Stars06:36
3.No Return04:05
4.Breathing Fire02:46
5.Dancing on the Wire03:04
6.Wings of Darkness03:26
7.Rose on the Grave04:50
8.The Chosen08:38
9.Kill the King (Rainbow Cover)04:11
10.Do You Wanna Live Forever05:27
Total playing time01:42:07

1994 - To Live Again (Live Album*)

1.Children of the Grave04:29
2.Live Hard Die Hard04:47
3.Iron Stars06:36
4.No Return04:04
5.Tears of Steel05:28
6.Breathing Fire02:46
7.Midwinter Nights04:27
8.Wings of Darkness03:26
9.Rose on the Grave04:49
10.Things That Crawl at Night06:43
11.Dancing on the Wire03:04
12.Lady Deceiver03:35
13.The Colour of Your Blood04:44
14.The Chosen08:38
15.Kill the King04:11
16.Do You Wanna Live Forever05:25
Total playing time01:17:12

1993 - To Live Forever Part1 & Part2
Pass: www.mediaportal.ru

1.Do You Wanna Live Forever05:20
2.The Colour of your Blood04:51
3.The Invisible Hand06:41
4.Live Hard Die Hard05:00
5.Sunken Graves03:52
6.The Chosen08:06
7.Born Into the Flame04:25
8.In my Blood03:55
9.Tears of Steel05:16
10.My Enslaver04:22
12.Iron Stars06:51
13.Children of the Grave (Black Sabbath cover)04:40
14.Guardian Angel07:02
Total playing time01:14:29

1988 - Follow Me into Madness

1.Descendants of Power03:50
2.Rose on the Grave04:31
3.Lady Deceiver03:38
4.Follow Me Into Madness05:40
5.Blood Runs Cold03:52
6.No Return04:30
7.I Don't Care Anymore03:48
8.Breathing Fire03:12
9.I Spit Venom03:14
10.Shadow in My Heart05:34
Total playing time41:49

1986 - Spell of Iron

1.Midwinter Nights04:35
2.Dancing on the Wire03:11
3.Back in the Fire05:38
4.Love's Not Made for My Kind03:28
5.Never Forever03:16
6.Spell of Iron03:32
7.De Mortui Nil Nisi Bene03:29
9.Wings of Darkness03:40
10.Things That Crawl at Night05:54
Total playing time39:44

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