sábado, 21 de junio de 2008

A CANOROUS QUINTET [Melodic Death Metal/Gothenburg]

Pais: Suecia: Kungsangem/Estocolmo)

Tiempo: 1991-1999(Cambio De Nombre)
Liricas Sobre: Ansiedad.negatividez,desesperanza y la oscuridad
Discografica: No Fashion R.
Web: MySpace.Com

Fredrik Andersson - Drums (Amon Amarth, The Dead (Swe), Curriculum Mortis (Swe), Guidance of Sin, Laid to Unrest, Beyond Dreams)
Mårten Hansen - Vocals (Votur, October Tide, Sins of Omission)
Jesper Löfgren - Bass (Guidance of Sin)
Linus Nirbrant - Guitar (Guidance of Sin, The Dead (Swe))
Leo Pignon - Guitar (Curriculum Mortis (Swe), Niden Div. 187)

1998 - The Only Pure Hate

1.Selfdeceiver (The Purest of Hate)03:00
2.Embryo of Lies03:45
4.The Void04:14
6.The Complete Emptiness05:46
8.Realm of Rain03:31
9.The Storm02:37
10.Land of the Lost05:06
Total playing time39:31

1996 - Silence of the World Beyond

1.Silence of the World Beyond04:39
2.Naked with Open Eyes04:06
4.The Orchid's Sleep06:23
5.The Black Spiral04:09
6.The Last Journey02:49
7.In The Twilight of Fear05:39
8.Burning, Emotionless05:42
9.Dream Reality04:51
Total playing time42:03

1994 - As Tears (Ep*)

1.Through Endless Illusions05:01
2.The Joy of Sorrow04:34
3.When Happiness Dies05:19
Total playing time18:54

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