domingo, 27 de abril de 2008

ACT OF GOD [Melodic Black/Death Metal, Brutal Death Metal (now)]

Pais: Rusia , (Perm)

Tiempo: 1996-Actualidad
Liricas Sobre: Anti-cristianismo
Discografica: Musica P.
Web: ActOfGod.Ru

Formacion Actual:
Nazgul - Gutiar, vocals
Blasfem - Bass
Nog-S - Drums

2007 - Life Denied (Ep*)

1.Life Denied02:54
2.We Are OMEN Of Coming Reign03:22
3.Bleeding Creature03:57
Total playing time10:13

2005 - The Place Of Worship

1.Dirty Worms03:35
2.God Don�t Forgive03:50
3.They�re Beside03:30
4.Atheism For Dead04:14
5.Act Of God02:58
6.The Beast In My Soul03:36
7.Centuries To Kill03:30
8.Freezing Moon (Mayhem cover)05:04
9.In Darkness05:59
Total playing time36:16

2002 - ...For Demon (Ep*)

2.Dead Jesus03:29
4.The Doors04:14
5.Black Sun03:49
6....For Demon03:52
7.Ceremony Hate04:25
Total playing time28:53

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