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GAMMA RAY [Power/Speed Metal]

Pais: Alemania , (Hamburgo)

Tiempo: 1989-Actualidad
Liricas Sobre: Religion,politica,fantasia y ciencia ficcion
Discográfica: Steamhammer/SPV
Web: Gamma-Ray.Org

Formación Actual:
Kai Hansen - Vocals & Guitar (1989-) (Helloween, Iron Savior)
Henjo Richter - Guitar, Keyboards (1997-) (Avantasia)
Dirk Schlächter - Bass (1990-) (Guitar 90-97)
Dan Zimmermann - Drums (1997-) (Freedom Call, Iron Savior, Lanzer)

Alessio Gori - Live Keyboards (2007-) (Flashback of Anger)

2007 - Land Of The Free II
Pass: shaman

1.Into the Storm03:47
2.From the Ashes05:26
3.Rising Again00:27
4.To Mother Earth05:11
6.Leaving Hell04:20
8.When the World05:44
10.Real World05:42
11.Hear Me Calling04:14
Total playing time01:00:00

2005 - Majestic

1.My Temple04:57
3.Strange World05:03
4.Hell Is Thy Home04:46
5.Blood Religion06:53
6.Condemned To Hell04:56
7.Spiritual Dictator05:38
9.How Long04:06
Total playing time54:49

2003 - Skeletons In The Closet

Disc 1
2.Gardens of the Sinner05:48
3.Rich & Famous05:13
4.All of the Damned05:00
5.No Return04:13
7.Heavy Metal Universe07:43
8.One with the World04:50
9.Dan's Solo05:21
Disc 2
1.Razorblade Sigh04:59
2.The Heart of the Unicorn04:42
3.Last Before the Storm04:38
4.Victim of Fate (Helloween cover)07:00
5.Rising Star/Shine On07:53
6.The Silence06:44
7.Heaven or Hell04:17
8.Guardians of Mankind05:21
9.New World Order08:23
Total playing time01:42:34

2001 - No World Order

2.Dethrone Tyranny04:15
3.The Heart of the Unicorn04:46
4.Heaven or Hell04:17
5.New World Order05:00
6.Damn the Machine05:04
8.Fire Below05:34
9.Follow Me04:43
11.Lake of Tears06:48
Total playing time51:56

2000 - Blast From The Past Part 1 & Part 2

Disc 1
2.Lust for Life05:26[view lyrics]
3.Heaven Can Wait04:30[view lyrics]
4.Heading for Tomorrow14:59[view lyrics]
5.Changes05:29[view lyrics]
6.One with the World04:50[view lyrics]
7.Dream Healer07:35[view lyrics]
8.Tribute to the Past04:46[view lyrics]
9.Last Before the Storm04:57[view lyrics]
10.Heal Me07:34[view lyrics]
Disc 2
1.Rebellion in Dreamland08:46[view lyrics]
2.Man on a Mission05:44[view lyrics]
3.Land of the Free04:38[view lyrics]
4.The Silence06:29[view lyrics]
5.Beyond the Black Hole06:00[view lyrics]
6.Somewhere Out in Space05:27[view lyrics]
7.Valley of the Kings03:50[view lyrics]
8.Anywhere in the Galaxy06:36[view lyrics]
9.Send Me a Sign04:06[view lyrics]
10.Armageddon08:50[view lyrics]
Total playing time02:01:29

1999 - Powerplant Part1 & Part2
Pass: maurio

1.Anywhere in the Galaxy06:37
2.Razorblade Sigh05:01
3.Send Me a Sign04:07
4.Strangers in the Night06:04
5.Gardens of the Sinner05:57
6.Short as Hell03:57
7.It's a Sin (Pet Shop Boys cover)04:58
8.Heavy Metal Universe05:25
9.Wings of Destiny06:26
10.Hand of Fate06:12
Total playing time01:03:32

1997 - Somewhere Out In Space
Pass: adictos.cl

1.Beyond the Black Hole06:00
2.Men, Martians and Machines03:52
3.No Stranger (Another Day in Life)03:36
4.Somewhere Out in Space05:27
5.The Guardians of Mankind05:02
6.The Landing01:17
7.Valley of the Kings03:51
9.The Winged Horse07:02
10.Cosmic Chaos00:49
11.Lost in the Future03:40
12.Watcher in the Sky05:19
13.Rising Star00:52
14.Shine On06:52
15.Return to Fantasy (Uriah Heep cover)05:14
Total playing time01:03:38

1997 - The Karaoke Album

1.Beyond the Black Hole06:02
2.Men, Martians & Machines03:53
3.Valley of the Kings03:52
4.Somewhere Out in Space05:25
5.Shine On07:54
6.Space Eater04:28
7.Abyss of the Void06:04
8.Man on a Mission05:55
9.Time to Break Free04:40
10.Heading for Tomorrow14:30
Total playing time01:02:43

1996 - Alive '95 Part 1 & Part 2

1.Land of the Free05:28
2.Man on a Mission05:54
3.Rebellion in Dreamland08:24
4.Space Eater04:45
6.Tribute to the Past04:47
7.Heal Me07:27
8.The Saviour01:30
9.Abyss of the Void05:54
10.Ride the Sky (Helloween cover)05:47
11.Future World (Helloween cover)06:28
12.Heavy Metal Mania (Holocaust cover)06:28
Total playing time01:03:37

1995 - Land Of The Free
Pass: andres_metal o metalero_forever

1.Rebellion in Dreamland08:44
2.Man on a Mission05:49
4.All of the Damned05:01
5.Rising of the Damned00:43
6.Gods of Deliverance05:01
8.Salvation's Calling04:36
9.Land of the Free04:38
10.The Saviour00:40
11.Abyss of the Void06:04
12.Time to Break Free04:40
Total playing time56:43

1993 - Insanity And Genius
Pass: adictos.cl

1.Tribute to the Past05:04
2.No Return04:06
3.Last Before the Storm04:28
4.The Cave Principle06:51
5.Future Madhouse04:07
6.Gamma Ray (Birth Control cover)05:20
7.Insanity & Genius04:30
8.18 Years05:23
9.Your Turn is Over03:52
10.Heal Me07:32
Total playing time56:27

1991 - Sign No More

2.Rich & Famous04:39
3.As Time Goes By04:43
4.(We Won't) Stop the War03:48
5.Father and Son04:26
6.One with the World04:47
7.Start Running03:58
9.Dream Healer06:21
10.The Spirit04:18
Total playing time47:02

1990 - Heading For The East: Live In Tokyo
Pass: adictos.cl

1.Welcome/Lust for Life

2.Heaven Can Wait

3.Space Eater

4.Free Time

5.Who Do You Think You Are?

6.The Silence

7.Save Us (Helloween)

8.I Want Out (Helloween)

9.Ride the Sky/Hold Your Ground


11.Heading for Tomorrow

1990 - Heading For Tomorrow
Pass: corcornu

2.Lust for Life05:20
3.Heaven Can Wait04:28
4.Space Eater04:35
6.The Silence06:25
7.Hold Your Ground04:49
8.Free Time04:57
9.Heading for Tomorrow14:32
10.Look at Yourself (Uriah Heep cover)04:43
Total playing time54:24

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