lunes, 1 de septiembre de 2008

Rotting Christ - In Domine Sathana [Dvd][2003]

Tracks 1-16 are from a show in 2002
Tracks 17-22 are from a show in Cracow in 1996
Tracks 23-29 are from a show in Athens in 2003

Line Up:
Andreas: Bass
George: Keyboard
Sauron (aka Themis): Drums
Sakis: Guitar, vocals
Kostas: Guitar

2.In Domine Sathana

3.You are I


5.Thou Art Blind

6.Shadows Follow

7.Lex Talionis

8.King of a Stellar War

9.Middle Intro

10.The Sign of Evil Existance


12.After Dark I Feel

13.The Word Made End

14.Fgmenth, Thy Gift

15.Under the Name of the Legion


17.Transform All Suffering Into Plagues

18.Shadows Follow

19.Diastric Alchemy

20.A Dynasty From The Ice

21.The First Field of the Battle

22.King of a Stellar War

23.In Domine Sathana

24.You Are I

25.Snowing Still

26.The Sign of Evil Existance

27.Under the Name of the Legion


29.Sorrowful Farewell

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